Fungi Species Mushroom Images
Tapinella atrotomentosa - fungi species list A Z Tapinella atrotomentosa
California Fungi—Tapinella atrotomentosa
Tapinella panuoides - fungi species list A Z Tapinella panuoides
Cap 2.0-7.0 cm broad, petaloid to fan-shaped, often shallowly lobed or wavy; margin incurved, decurved at maturity; surface hirsute at base of cap, elsewhere matted-tomentose; color tan to buff-brown, frequently tinged ochre; context pallid, firm when young, flaccid in age, up to 1.0 cm thick, darkening slightly when cut; odor faintly resinous to aromatic; taste not distinctive.
Tetrapyrgos subdendrophora - fungi species list A Z Tetrapyrgos subdendrophora
Cap 0.5-1.0 cm broad, subpendulous, at first cupulate, becoming shell-shaped; margin incurved in youth, then decurved, entire except for a slit-like opening at the stipe attachment; surface striate-sulcate, minutely tomentose, at maturity sometimes developing bluish-grey spots; context membranous, translucent; odor and taste mild.
Thaxterogaster pingue - fungi species list A Z Thaxterogaster pingue
Thaxterogaster pinguis
Thelephora palmata - fungi species list A Z Thelephora palmata
California Fungi—Thelephora palmata
Thelephora terrestris - fungi species list A Z Thelephora terrestris
California Fungi—Thelephora terrestris
Toothed Jelly Fungus: Pseudohydnum gelatinosum - fungi species list A Z Toothed Jelly Fungus: Pseudohydnum gelatinosum
Fruiting body 2-5 cm broad, spatulate to fan-shaped; upper surface translucent, moist, slightly roughened, white to greyish-white when young, pale grey to somewhat brownish in age; hymenial surface on underside, pale grey, consisting of minute conic spines on which the spores are formed; flesh rubbery-gelatinous.
Trametes versicolor - fungi species list A Z Trametes versicolor
Fruiting body up to 10 cm broad, bracket to shelf-like or fan-shaped, attached along one side or just near the middle of one side, the upper surface tomentose, with multicolored zones. Flesh thin, usually less than 2 mm thick, white, tough, and fibrous. The underside a white to pale yellow layer of very small tubes, vertically oriented with 3-5 pores per mm, the tube mouths more or less round.
Tremella aurantia - fungi species list A Z Tremella aurantia
Fruit bodies 2-10 cm broad, consisting of clustered, convoluted folds with blunt margins; surface yellow, to yellowish-orange, shiny when wet, otherwise dull; context gelatinous, drying to a stiff, hard crust, reviving after periods of moisture; odor and taste not distinctive.
Tremella foliacea - fungi species list A Z Tremella foliacea
Fruiting body 5-15 cm broad, globose to cushion-shaped, a mass of ruffled, leaf-like blades fused to a common base; surface viscid in wet weather, otherwise moist, individual blades variously wrinkled to folded, upper and lower surfaces fertile; color: dull brownish-vinaceous to cinnamon-brown, darkening in age; context thin, somewhat translucent, rubbery; odor and taste mild.
Trappea darkeri - fungi species list A Z Trappea darkeri
California Fungi—Trappea darkeri
Tremellodendropsis tuberosa - fungi species list A Z Tremellodendropsis tuberosa
Fruiting body slender, upright, 3.0-6.0 cm tall, the base usually distinct from a sparsely branched upper portion; adjacent fruiting bodies sometimes partially fused below to form a "pseudo-base;" individual branches round in cross-section becoming flattened above; color of lower portion dull cream-buff to greyish-tan, the tips paler; surface of upper branches more or glabrous or with scattered whitish hairs, the base often covered with a white tomentum; context tough, pliant, colored like the surface, unchanging; odor sharp, somewhat aromatic; taste not distinctive to slightly astringent.
Trichaptum abietinum - fungi species list A Z Trichaptum abietinum
Fruiting body annual or short-lived perennial, 1-4 cm broad, up to 0.5 cm thick, flattened to slightly convex, margin wavy, forming tiers of overlapping sessile shelves; surface hairy, zonate, whitish to light-grey, usually pale purple near the margin, in age sometimes greenish from colonizing algae; flesh leathery, thin, pale brown to purplish-brown.
Tricharina gilva - fungi species list A Z Tricharina gilva
California Fungi—Tricharina gilva
Trichoglossum hirsutum - fungi species list A Z Trichoglossum hirsutum
Fruiting body clavate, 1.5 -7.0 cm tall, the fertile "head" oblong to spade-shaped, flattened, often grooved, 0.5-1.5 cm long, 2-5 mm wide, black, velvety from projecting hairs or spines; stipe round, 1-2.5 mm thick, equal, black, conspicuously pubescent
Tricholoma atroviolaceum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma atroviolaceum
Cap 3.5-9.0 cm broad, broadly conic, expanding to near plane in age; margin at first incurved, wavy, sometimes splitting and raised at maturity; surface fibrillose-squamulose; dark brownish-black to dull, dark, greyish-purple, fading to medium grey-brown; context relatively thick at the disc, thin at the margin, greyish-brown just below the cuticle, pallid elsewhere, at times discoloring dingy vinaceous-grey; odor and taste farinaceous.
Tricholoma dryophilum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma dryophilum
Cap 5-15 cm broad, at first broadly conic with an inrolled margin, expanding to nearly plane, the margin then wavy and sometimes uplifted; surface viscid when moist, pallid to cream, becoming streaked, pale to medium cinnamon-brown, the margin lighter; in age darker brown overall and often innately fibrillose; flesh white, moderately thick, firm; odor and taste farinaceous.
Tricholoma flavovirens - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma flavovirens
Cap 5-13 cm broad, convex, becoming nearly plane in age with upturned margin; yellow, often shading to a slightly scaly brownish disc; surface smooth, viscid in moist weather; flesh white, thick; odor, farinaceous.
Tricholoma fracticum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma fracticum
Cap 5-10 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, in age the disc sometimes depressed with an uplifted margin; margin inrolled, often wavy, becoming decurved, faintly to not striate, rarely conspicuously striate; surface viscid when moist with appressed, radial fibrils, dark red-brown to dull orange-brown, the margin slightly lighter; flesh thick, firm, white, unchanging; odor, mild or faintly of cucumbers; taste, bitter.
Tricholoma griseoviolaceum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma griseoviolaceum
Cap 4-11 cm broad, broadly conic, the margin often undulate, becoming convex-umbonate; surface viscid when moist, purpulish-grey to brownish-grey, radially streaked, darkest at the disk, in age turning drab-brown; flesh thin, pallid to pale grey; odor and taste, farinaceous, especially in age.
Tricholoma imbricatum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma imbricatum
Cap 6-15 cm broad, convex expanding to nearly plane in age, the margin at first inrolled, then decurved, often wavy at maturity; surface dry, fibrillose to finely scaled or cracked near the margin, dark-brown at the disc, shading to medium-brown at the margin; flesh white, thick, discoloring slowly brown when injured; odor and taste mild.
Tricholoma inamoenum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma inamoenum
California Fungi—Tricholoma inamoenum
Tricholoma moseri - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma moseri
Cap 2.0-4.5 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex, the disc sometimes depressed; margin incurved in youth, edged with fibrils, becoming decurved to plane; surface dry, radially appressed-fibrillose to squamulose, mouse-grey to blackish-grey, paler towards the margin at maturity; context 0.5 cm thick at the disc, rapidly thinning toward the margin, soft, whitish to pale-grey, unchanging; odor and taste mild to faintly farinaceous.
Tricholoma muricatum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma muricatum
Cap 5-12 cm broad, convex, expanding to nearly plane, often with a low umbo; margin inrolled, wavy, becoming decurved to nearly plane, frequently striate in age; surface viscid when moist, appressed fibrillose, brown to reddish-brown, darkest at the disc, slightly lighter at the margin; flesh thick, firm, pallid, unchanging; odor and taste farinaceous.
Tricholoma myomyces - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma myomyces
Cap 1.5-4.5 cm broad, convex, plano-convex to plano-depressed, the disc often slightly elevated; margin incurved in youth, wavy, with adhering pallid fibrils, eventually decurved to upturned in age; surface felty-tomentose becomingly squamulose, dark grey to blackish over a pallid background, the margin lighter; flesh thin, grey; odor mild; taste of cucumber.
Tricholoma saponaceum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma saponaceum
Cap 4-9 cm broad, convex, often with a low umbo, expanding to nearly plane; margin incurved at first, undulate, sometimes raised in age; surface moist, soon dry, smooth, in dry weather cracked, occasionally areolate; color: olive-brown, grey-brown, yellowish-brown, the margin usually paler; flesh white, thick, usually turning pale pink when injured; odor: mild when young, soapy at maturity; taste: soapy.
Tricholoma sejunctum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma sejunctum
California Fungi—Tricholoma sejunctum
Tricholoma vernaticum - fungi species list A Z Tricholoma vernaticum
Cap 4.0-14.0 cm broad, unevenly convex, expanding to plano-convex; margin incurved, then decurved to upturned, frequently wavy; surface moist, more or less glabrous in youth, whitish when unexposed, becoming appressed-fibrillose, light-grey to greyish-brown over a pallid background, the center sometimes covered with a whitish bloom, older specimens occasionally splotched greyish-black; context white, soft in age, up to 1.0 cm thick, rapidly thinning toward the margin; odor and taste strongly of raw potatoes or cucumber.
Tricholomopsis rutilans - fungi species list A Z Tricholomopsis rutilans
Cap 3-12 cm broad, convex to plane, ground color yellow overlaid with dark red to purplish-red fibrils, dry, margin smooth, entire.
Tubaria confragosa - fungi species list A Z Tubaria confragosa
Cap 2-7 cm broad, convex, becoming broadly convex, expanding to nearly plane, margin striate when moist, sometimes uplifted in age; surface dry, smooth, hygrophanous, dull orange-brown fading to pale buff-brown; flesh thin, colored like the cap, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Tubaria furfuracea - fungi species list A Z Tubaria furfuracea
Cap 1.0-4.0 cm broad, convex, nearly plane in age, the disc sometimes slightly depressed, margin striate, often with adhering veil fragments; surface minutely hairy, hygrophanous, at first hazel-brown, then tawny-brown, finally fading to dingy-cream; flesh thin, fragile, pale buff; odor fungal, taste mild.
Tubaria punicea - fungi species list A Z Tubaria punicea
Cap 0.8-2.0 cm broad, at first hemispheric, then convex, finally nearly plane, sometimes centrally depressed or with a low umbo; margin incurved, becoming decurved, occasionally wavy, the edge striate; surface dark red to reddish-purple, glossy when moist, hygrophanous, fading with exposure, covered in youth with appressed to slightly raised fibrils, almost glabrous in age; context pale-pink, soft, 2-3 mm thick at the disc, thin towards the margin; odor and taste not distinctive.
Tuber rufum - fungi species list A Z Tuber rufum
Fruiting body hypogeous, 1-2 cm broad, rounded to somewhat flattened, without visible basal mycelium; peridium smooth, finely cracked or areolate (use hand lens), chestnut-brown to dark reddish-brown; gleba solid, firm, pallid when young, becoming marbled light-brown with whitish veins; columella absent; odor when mature and fresh, strong, similar to smoked ham; taste: untried.
Turbinellus floccosus - fungi species list A Z Turbinellus floccosus
Cap cylindrical, becoming vase-shaped or funnelform, up to 15 cm broad, the margin plane to strongly uplifted; surface moist, nearly smooth when young, squamulose to coarsely scaly at maturity, especially at the center, the scales sometimes flat and inconspicuous when weathered; color yellowish-orange to reddish-orange fading in age; flesh moderately thick, white, unchanging; odor and taste mild.
Turbinellus kauffmanii  - fungi species list A Z Turbinellus kauffmanii
California Fungi—Turbinellus kauffmanii
Tylopilus indecisus - fungi species list A Z Tylopilus indecisus
Cap 6-13 (15) cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex or plano-depressed in age; margin incurved, becoming decurved to plane, frequently undulate; surface subviscid when moist, matted-tomentose, dingy-tan when young, bruising immediately dark-brown; context 1.5-2.5 cm thick, white, soft, faintly pinkish-tan when cut; odor mild and taste mild.
Tylopilus porphyrosporus - fungi species list A Z Tylopilus porphyrosporus
Cap 7-12 cm broad, convex, expanding to plano-convex; margin decurved becoming nearly plane at maturity; surface dark-brown, dull, matted tomentose, in age blackish-brown, sometimes patchy-areolate; context 1.0-1.5 cm thick, soft, whitish, unchanging or slowly pinkish-tan to pale blue; odor and taste "fungal."

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