Real estate CRM

Real estate CRM. Industry solution for the real estate market consulting company developed Soft Master based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution is designed for professional real estate market participants involved in the provision of consulting services, as well as the sale and lease of various properties. The solution automates key business processes and takes into account the specificity of office, retail, industrial and residential projects.

1. Real estate crm. Benefits solutions for the industry:

Solution for the real estate market allows a single database, which stores information about objects systematized, services and clients with a history of interaction and contact information. The establishment of such a database, the owner of all important business information is the organization, not individual employees.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM also allows you to organize the work of the departments within the company, which has a positive impact on its image. The client does not have the feeling that "the right hand does not know what the left is doing." The system allows not only to coordinate the actions of departments, but also provides various channels of communication with the client from initial calls and mailings to show the property. Additionally, the solution allows you to set access rights to sensitive commercial information for each department.

2. Real estate crm. Industry Solution Soft Master for the real estate market has advantages that are important for the industry:

Edinoy information space. Often, the company has a network of agencies for which it is very important to obtain relevant information about the real property and clients in real time:
Safety information. Each user gets a certain level of access to the knowledge base. In addition, the individual fields of the object may not be available to everyone. For example, personal confidential information about VIP- client (mobile phone number) is visible only to an employee who works directly with the client, while the rest of the data on VIP- client may be available for other employees: Minimize the influence of the human factor in the preparation of contracts, invoices, proposals, as Microsoft Dynamics CRM system has the ability to automatically create documents with details of the client:
Easy scalability of the system, which is especially important for companies planning to open new offices, for example, in the regions:
Analytical tools. The company's management receives relevant reports, which allows time to identify the problem, identify prospective customers and a good time for marketing events. Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows the analyst and competitors:
strengths and weaknesses of competitors, public tenders was, missed opportunities, information about its customers, the marketing activities of a competitor.

3. Real estate crm. Additional features solutions Soft Master:

Maintains a database of various real estate
Selection of real estate by any parameters
Managing contacts on various communication channels
Project management real estate sales
Process management: transaction, task
Personal organizer employees
Marketing campaign management
Evaluating the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
Maintenance of a distributed network of offices
Single repository of documents
Reports and analytics
Distribution of access rights
Integration with the financial system to avoid double data entry.