CRM solutions

CRM Solutions. Our proposed CRM program helped to develop various CRM solutions that simplify complex approach to solving problems of industrial integration software for companies doing business in.
Introduction crm systems - Maintaining a single customer database.

Detailed description of each client:
contact information, additional features, customer needs, history of contacts, purchases settlements.
Quick and easy access to customer information. All information is kept in one place, allowing you to quickly get the necessary information about the client. Role in the interaction between the departments of the company.

This allows you to share a common operational information about the client company:

Maintain customer contact history with all employees and departments of the company.
Internal transfer customer information between departments. Allows timely response to customer needs, reduce service time commitment to customers, to resolve existing or potential customers' problems much faster.
In sales management:

CRM system allows you to create an effective system for

management of sales:
organize the work schedule with the client.
divide the sales process into stages, action.
control the timing and results of the transactions.
predict sales, results and efficiency of transactions.
identify problematic stages.
increase the amount of effective deals, shorten the sales cycle.

CRM Integration with financial, accounting systems:

creation of a common information space to work with clients.
generation of invoices, account invoices, reporting acts.
control payments and settlements with the client.
A joint analysis of financial and CRM information.
Planning and control activities of employees. The system helps the employee to plan and monitor their work with clients, assign tasks to other employees.

An effective system for employee motivation and analysis of the performance of each employee.
Transfer "Relay sales." Offer customers products and services of different departments, transfer customer needs between departments.
Implementation of repeat sales. CRM solutions help to make repeat sales to existing customers of the company.
Crm solutions In Marketing Management:

Segmenting customers, analysis of client base. Develop accurate and effective proposals for a specific customer segment.
Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and marketing campaigns. These CRM solutions allow efficient use of advertising budget, increase return on advertising.
Investigation of the competitive environment. Allow organizations to collect information about competitors and their products. CRM solutions help create an effective competition policy
Planning and organization of advertising and marketing campaigns.

Facilitate routine operations:
Creating and using templates, contacts and action templates to perform common operations.
Integration with e-mail sending and receiving management emails.

User-friendly interface to view information about customers and user actions "counterparty Profile", "Profile curator", "Calendar curator."
Specialized CRM solutions to protect information in the Company:
Differentiation of user access to information in the program. Avoid loss of customer information.
Loss Prevention client base. When dismissing the manager all the information on its customers remains in the database and can be transferred to another employee. All these CRM solutions are applied individually to each company to its specific business and used software to build a complete and feature-rich CRM system.

  Experts of the company CRM- consultant have extensive experience implementing CRM systems in smaller organizations, and in holding structures, numbering tens of jobs. Convenient working hours and flexible payment terms can satisfy the most demanding customers. Our clients have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the capabilities of CRM systems prior to the start of the implementation. To do this, our experts provide free demonstration CRM systems in the office yet.