Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM - a system that allows contact with customers at the highest level, efficiently coordinate sales managers and formulaic procedures and operations relating to the company's security policy and workflow, put on an automated flow.

effective sales

Proved that Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes it possible to increase the number of transactions in parallel to minimize the sales cycle. Since the product is aimed at quick and efficient work with the buyer, it makes it possible to decrease the cost of energy on writing staff of market offers and order processing by automating these processes. Path to the option "Automation" is familiar to all users through the Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook in offline mode or via the Web. An important distinction of CRM corporation "Microsoft" is familiar to the users of their products easy and intuitive interface, and deep integration with applications office suite Microsoft Office.

Personal customer information (birthday, position), a list of meetings and negotiations (personal and telephone) for each client, calendar of events available to all managers, for which this information is relevant in the quest guide. Means of communication - phone, email and fax - are subject to the same principle.

The program allows you to make sales scheme, the use of which facilitates the process of finding prospective buyers, configure the appropriate price lists.

Information on the most popular products can be obtained from comparing the business deals and the actual number of orders received and paid bills.

Successful operation of the marketing department

Microsoft Dynamics CRM program is focused on the revitalization of the marketing department. Developed for this module "Marketing". It should be used to line "attracting a buyer - Service after the transaction - the creation of new opportunities" was solid and clearly stated. Furthermore, the introduction of this program in the business allows members of the marketing department to work successfully in the following areas:

1. creation of thematic groups of clients that are based in the firm, and development of marketing scenarios that meet their needs, delivery of individual proposals.

2. calculate the ratio of costs and revenues on marketing activities.

3 . evaluation of the effectiveness of the measures depending on profits brought. Therefore, cooperation with the sales department in CRM automated.

4 . monitoring of relevant work of competing firms and correction of their own activities, taking into account the information received.

5 . report generation for potential customers, market segments and geographic areas, aware of past actions.

Interaction with customers

Product Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps make the process of working with buyers comfortable and productive for them. It's no secret that marketing is usually an information perceived as report on the quantity of products sold and what products most heavily marketed. Modernity requires a different approach. At the forefront of the problem related to the settlement of difficulties customers.

Based on this need, a module "Customer Service". It allows you to cope with the following qualitative work:

- Analyze and distribute information requested workers respective competencies to provide data to the buyer; be "waiting list" to monitor the process to solve all issues.

- Used to answer queries base accommodates the most common materials on appeals. Having such a foundation of information allows you to track and edit demand marketing solutions.

- Take into account the time resources required to respond to the treatment of counterparties. Each manager has the ability to control working time.

Variety of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is available in two varieties - Small Business and Professional, so the cost of the product is suitable even for firms with a small budget, or when starting the introduction of CRM in order to minimize the possible loss of the customer.

Introduction to business process Microsoft Dynamics product allows to come to reduce time and costs to attract customers and strengthen the loyalty of regular customers, increase responsiveness to incoming demands and proposals. The system offers the ability to monitor the present and possible demand for the development of the invitation.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Let's talk about the strengths of the product Microsoft Dynamics CRM. First of all, it's known to all system user interaction Outlook, and Microsoft Excel, allowing you to create the combined tables, reports and graphics. Analyze data allows an application Microsoft SQL Reporting Services. Second, you can create a personal interface and query types, which can be used by several staff members. In general, this system is easy to adjust. Data fields can be changed without code. Create any elements - using web-based tools. Third, telework becomes real as marketing, service and commercial information available outside the company's premises. But details remain safe. This is also taken care of the project developers Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Technological capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

With an astounding variety of features and capabilities of its management, as well as the installation of applications are very uncomplicated. Thus, the transfer of information from the debug system operated (and vice versa), there is no difficulty. Users have the ability to choose a workplace from a range of types, to regulate access rights to the system, to vary the structure and form to create new items using the ASP.NET. During installation, the application checks the server meets the minimum system requirements. In case of discrepancy reports the inability to full operation on this configuration.

Workflow Manager tool allows you to modify the rules and modes of operations related to the specified parameters of the upcoming event.

The system differs Accreted productivity of search operations, loading pages and synching data in exclusive mode, a low probability of failures, the retrofit system with an emphasis on services.

System Requirements Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

Microsoft CRM platform has different system requirements for client and server. Server requires a computer with two processors class Pentium III (or Xeon) with a minimum clock speed of 700 MHz. For comfortable work recommended class processors Pentium IV (Xeon) 1.8 GHz. The minimum amount of RAM - 512 MB. By increasing the number of client connections memory must increase accordingly. To prevent data loss, you must use SCSI hard drives with RAID level 5 hardware implementation. So-called "soft karaoke" RAID- arrays in this case is not suitable because their use reduces the reliability of information storage.

Interaction with the server by the users is done by the application Outlook, which is part of the famous of Microsoft Office. Minimum requirements for the client computer is a Pentium III processor or equivalent 300 MHz, but is required for comfortable operation processor with at least 650 MHz. RAM size also varies from a minimum of 512 MB ​​to 1024 MB recommended. To install the client software on your hard disk should be at least 100 MB of free space.

For dial-up clients and servers into a single operating system, you must have a network, and thus network cards in each computer with a capacity of 10/100 Mb/s.

And finally, some statistics. Analysis of activity of the enterprises that have implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM, shows:

1. business expenses fell by more than 30 %
2. current assets saved an average of 4 %
3. Personnel expenses and business operations decreased by 20%
4. possible debts decreased by 12%
5. term sales of goods decreased by 27%

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM will bring your business to a new level. Think about the future of your company!