Web Based CRM

 Web based CRM is today due to the high availability and the low administrative burden on everyone's lips. What are the advantages of a web based CRM system over a traditional Windows environment?

ADVANTAGES OF A web-based CRM Solution
At any location with Internet access, the user has to be web-based CRM. In addition to a PC with a browser it does not require any installation. Accordingly, the user can use his web-based CRM in any internet cafe or hotel. Here are fulfilled by the unlimited usability via VPN access also the highest security requirements. New versions of the CRM system available to the user without any installation on client immediately available. The care and maintenance for the system department are minimal.

All information about prospective customers / clients should be in a CRM system in seconds currently available anywhere in the world, so that each employee can rely on the data of the CRM system. If all this comes together, you can rightly say we have a web based CRM system.