CRM system

CRM system - a special computer program that allows you to schedule tasks and monitor their implementation, and keep track of customers, keep records on projects and automate its creation, and much more.

If Si-Re-Emka comfortable - it facilitates the work at times. "Side effects" from using the computer program for planning - the ability to see where breakdowns occur most often timing problems, plugging, and eliminate the causes of these problems. CRM allows you to evaluate the efficacy and control of each team member, for example, if you are not running one.

Why Crm system freelancer or company?

Crm system allows:

Control the execution of tasks, avoiding the hectic activity and missed deadlines. Regulate their load.
Store customer contact information and all information on the projects.
Automate the creation of documents and reports.
Organize work in a team.
Unload head.
Such systems make life easier for cool heads freelance groups, freelancers, working in a team, owners of online shops, as well as those who find it difficult to organize your workflow and keep in mind the many tasks at once. The system "remembers" for you when and what should be done - forget about the job impossible. And if you want - the system will automatically remind you to perform a task.

What are the CRM system?

There are CRM - systems that need to be downloaded to your computer, you can use other online. In principle, and those are good and others.

There are also Crm system both free and paid. Free CRM-systems have some limitations (mainly on the number of users). Most often it is limited versions of paid systems.

The Russian market is very popular system Megaplan. She paid, but has a free version, just convenient for freelancers. Among its advantages - an intuitive interface, good functionality with ease of use.

Megaplan works online, all tasks are in your account, access to which you get after registration service. To Megaplanu can connect colleagues and partners are in any city, and use the CRM together. It is very convenient format for remote operation.

How to work effectively in CRM?

To work successfully with CRM should accustom ourselves to a specific format of:

1. All new tasks immediately make the system, and do not write on paper or in the diary. Information should be accumulated in one source.

2. After receiving letters from clients or make calls directly in tasks that ask customers to perform. Otherwise there is a risk that something will be forgotten and eventually did not.

3. Follow workload and do not overload yourself. If you know that you can make per day 5 problems - do not put 6, still do not - only time will tear!

4. No postponement of tasks, even if CRM can do it. Otherwise CRM will not help get rid of delinquency. Teach yourself to the fact that all the tasks to be performed, rather than endlessly tolerated. Assuming delay penalize (as a - you know better).

5. If you are working with a team, colleagues explain why implemented CRM, and make sure that this system all use regularly. Develop a system of incentives for timely execution of tasks and punishments - for late tasks.

6. Track statistics tasks and analyze where problems arise. Take decisions aimed at eliminating bottlenecks in the work team.

7. Start the day with opening CRM and tasks view for the current and the next day. For example, if the current day is not heavily loaded, and tomorrow is expected challenges - it is advisable to make a part of tomorrow's problems early today.