Siebel CRM

Oracle Siebel CRM - a universal system that can meet the challenges of front-office and back-office, and integrating them for maximum efficiency. Oracle Siebel CRM - advanced product Oracle, used by large companies and corporations as a system of customer relationship management. Experts note that the use of Oracle Siebel CRM is advisable if you have thousands and tens of thousands of active clients.

Oracle Siebel CRM is unique in that it allows to solve the problem is all divisions of the company.
On the one hand, tools for working with customers and partners, as well as functions for managing marketing campaigns, empower front office. On the other hand, back-office Oracle Siebel CRM provides functionality for Analysis of sales, personnel management and bookings, assessing the professionalism of the sales staff.

The main advantages of Oracle Siebel CRM for your business
Comprehensive features. The core software product Oracle Siebel CRM includes the following solutions:

- Sales management.
- Control center contacts and telephone calls.
- Management of sales and marketing.
- Processing of orders.
- Control staff.
- Relationship management with partners.
- Business analysis.
Even a package solution Oracle Siebel CRM decides almost all the tasks of promotion and to improve your business!

Flexibility, the ability to extend the functionality and integration with other applications. Oracle Siebel CRM has an architecture that fully adapts to your business requirements.

It is important that CRM is not a typical batch product, working on a "set and forget". The system can evolve with your business. However, it is easily integrated into other software solutions and interacts with other developers and even with other databases!

Structure of Oracle Siebel CRM is completely modular. This means that you can use only those proposed solutions, which you really need. Other modules are disabled, and they did not have to pay. If necessary, the modules can be easily connected to the system.

More than 20 solutions for different industries! Siebel CRM has been used by tens of thousands of companies worldwide. Therefore, Oracle has developed a set of industry-specific solutions, which include the most important functional and, therefore, can be implemented much faster.

What gives Oracle Siebel CRM to your business?

Save as Oracle Siebel CRM puts on stream all the common tasks of Sales. You get a big profit, as the system customer relationship management helps drive sales.
You predict the future of their business, as Oracle Siebel CRM has performance analysts.