What is CRM

What is CRM? Companies of all sizes have now realized that they, this shortcut is using CRM for Customer Relationship Management (German customer relationship management), to make their customer relationships on both a well-organized as well as long-term basis, allowing them to stand out from the competition.

To achieve this goal, the company advanced CRM software solutions that allow them to operate, make also with respect to all other with the customer relationship management the related processes their customer relations optimally in terms of both pure compilation of customer data as.

What is CRM? CRM software indispensable

Only the use of a sophisticated CRM software provides the foundation to manage all data relevant to the customer efficiently, all directed at the customer processes, whether to record from marketing, sales or service, in a system and combine together. With the ever-increasing variety of products offered in the market and the increasing competitive situation helps one such software, a better customer segmentation and on this basis make a more qualified customer potential analysis and thus much better targeted all activities to the needs of the customer to perform. Besides thus possible long-term loyalty of existing customers, this data base, as well as former clients should be recorded, the possibility of this to regain what is normally much easier to win than by cold calling new customers.

What is CRM? CRM benefits (ROI)

The aim of introducing a CRM system is the continued expansion of business success. This case, therefore, the return on investment is the ratio of investment to profit (ROI) the determining factor. According to an IDC study, more than 50% of the companies surveyed have experienced positive results within a year, only 8% needed more than 3 years. In this view, all parts of the customer relationship management are included. Savings can be achieved both in operational activities such as reporting and analysis but also decreases the effort for creating spreadsheets and offers, at the same time, the error rate is thereby minimized.

Due to the possible thereby increasing the number of deals is also more sales both inventory as well as to new customers arise. Efficient in addition to payment processing and delivery, but also designed the service and support services, and the complaint and complaint management.

Integration into the totality of the business processes In order to ensure a smooth flow of processes in the company, it is important that the CRM system is optimally with the other processes for which there are points of contact, linked, especially affecting the implemented ERP solution (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the ERP system. Especially for larger companies, but also for those who sell a variety of products that is crucial to draw the desired benefits from the CRM system.