CRM online

CRM online allows companies to manage workflow, without thinking about installing on office computers. All information generally resides on the server of the developer. And all you need - an internet connection.

Cloud system can be a great help in the organization of the company. On its pros written very much to the same site each manufacturer this information is available in the detailed form. The possibility of telecommuting, the lower the cost of licenses, no problems with the service and support systems, as well as a beautiful user friendly interface allow crm online Desktop advantages over systems.

Nevertheless, such minuses CRM also missing. Using cloud technologies you need to anticipate all possible nuances:

1. All information about the company stored on the server developer. Theoretically, there is always the possibility of access to the information to unauthorized persons. If the specifics of the business does not require special security, this drawback can close your eyes.

What to do: If data security for your business - in the first place, it is necessary to consider all the same desktop version CRM. There is also a possibility to install crm online servers of your company, but be prepared for additional costs for the purchase of equipment and salaries of specialists in the installation and maintenance of the system.

2. In most cases, the cloud is not possible to synchronize with accounting accounting systems, such as 1C. Companies using in their work 1C, it is not quite convenient for your input in two information systems.

What to do: So actually, three. You can promonitorit products online and find the same CRM, which allows synchronization with 1C. For example, the opportunity exists for service Bitriks24. You can also work in two independent systems, or still choose Desktop CRM - one that allows you to synchronize with 1C with optimal cost for this service.

3. The speed of most of the online platform is usually lower than that of a desktop application. And the functionality of the system, the more "retarding" CRM. Also, keep in mind that the speed of the crm online affects the speed of Internet connections, although the issue can be easily solved by referring to the operator.

What to do: With each novoyversiey its product developers are actively working to increase the speed of the platform. So, BMPOnline 7 Terrasoft company operates faster than its predecessor - version 5 - by as much as 40%.

There are also a number of features of cloud products, which, in principle, are not a problem, but should be considered when using. First of all, we must remember that the developer server rental is paid monthly or quarterly. Cost overstay payment and login will be blocked. Thus, if you are interested stable operation of the company, take care of the budget in advance.

As mentioned above, problems with internet connection rare today, but they still happen. Unstable operation of the ISP and the temporary absence of the network and will certainly affect the company.

In any case, before the final choice to stop at one or another cloud product, we recommend to test it. Fortunately, almost every crm online have a demo version. Test the system and ask opinion of employees who will work in it.