CRM open source

CRM open source. If the terms of free software or open source raised questions there a few years, it is clear that companies (and individuals) are increasingly interested in open source solutions within the framework of their professional activté. The conditions for such a change may vary depending on the context, but we can mention a few points that may encourage them to consider alternatives:

savings on the cost of licenses
adapting software to specific needs
sustainability of the source code, independent of structure
vtiger CRM open source software and 100% free
Vtiger CRM is an CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) completely open source. Its code is public is to say that everyone can "see" how this software works. In addition, the acquisition cost is zero. You can download the sources freely and use it for free as part of a commercial operation, whatever the final number of users and the operating time. To understand this aspect, by comparison, an owner of the same type software is generally subject to a logic of cost per-seat license and you can not "enter" the code to study and possibly change it.

Quality and interest
If the economic concept prevails generally in the choice of open source, many companies also include the interests of open source in the ability to adapt the software to their needs. Thus, a portion of the savings upstream is made available for further developments, adaptations to communicate with other programs, training.

Finally, the concept of open source is sustainable. Recent events have shown that any institution or structure could be affected by the impact of an economic crisis. The diagram free software implies that the code is no longer the private possession of a person, group of persons, a company. Its existence is independent of economic fluctuations.

The quality of open source software is well established. More professional, they offer innovative schemes, open to other operations are challenged to bring more comfort and functionality to users, without neglecting the prerequisites relating to the safety and performance.