Stock photos

Stock Photo - this images on a specific subject, which are sold in public trading floors ( katabatic global market ) and can be used as an illustration or advertising. Stock photos can be allowed to use ( licensed ) for various purposes. Book, technical publishing, magazines, advertising agencies, filmmakers, web designers, artists, interior decoration firms, corporate creative groups, etc. apply to banks Stock Photos to use images in their works there.

Stock images can be presented in the online databases that allows the user to remotely and receive them immediately with the appropriate form of payment.
Collection of stock images sometimes called microstock, photo archive, photo library, or photobank imagebank. Stock photography Modern distributors typically offer not only photos but also videos, and illustrations.
Distinguishing feature of stock photography is that it is not for a specific customer. At present, the leading trading platforms runoff, a huge number of photos on various subjects. Photographer, receiving basic pay with stock photography, has to do a lot of photos.