How to buy stocks

How to buy stocks. Nowadays, many people begin development of the stock market, one of the first questions that arises from new investors is the question" How to buy stocks."

  Before you buy stocks, an individual should determine the goals purchase. Some people buy shares of various companies in order to receive dividends, others - in order to engage in trade shares, receiving additional income. In accordance with the current legislation on Russian exchanges to buy and sell shares are only entitled to brokerage firms that have proper accreditation.

  In order to deal with buying and selling shares, a person must sign a contract with a brokerage company, each transaction will be accompanied by holding a small commission in favor of brokers. When concluding an agreement with the brokerage company investor automatically opens two accounts: Brokerage, that will store its cash and custody, that will store its securities.

  Transfer order brokers to buy or sell securities investor can either by phone or by using specialized software that can be installed on virtually any device with access to the Internet.

  Before you buy stocks, an individual should determine the strategy of the securities market. Some people prefer to use aggressive strategies, while others receive a small but guaranteed income. Before you buy stocks, an individual should make an analysis of prices for securities. In some cases it is better to use analysis, which provides brokerage and asset management companies, moreover, on the Internet you can find many sites that provide advice on buying or selling shares.

  Gambling is very time consuming and quite large financial investments, moreover, not every investor will be able to survive in the fierce competition with more experienced and successful players.

  Despite the attractiveness of stock trading, many experts recommend that private investors invest money in mutual funds, which are managed by professionals. Typically, mutual funds allow you to get a steady income with a relatively small investment