How to buy stock

How to buy stock. If you do not have a hundred thousand dollars in free assets, it is difficult to talk about creating an effective investment portfolio that would give you the opportunity to live at the expense of dividends from these shares. But you have a unique opportunity - to earn the money! So let us choose for the priority activities the opportunity to play on the stock price. So, we decided that the main aspect of our business - this is a game on the difference in price and getting maximum profit from this, for further investment in order to create passive income.

Movement of shares and other securities has been the stock market. Grounds on which the shares are traded stock exchanges are called, and the people selling the shares - brokers. It is in these exchanges and you can buy shares. Of course, it's not quite as in-store - "I weigh a pound Sberbank! "Make this deal can only be through a broker! Things are so much easier on the issue - where and how to buy stock? By signing up for one of the marketplaces as an investor, and downloading the trading terminal of the site, from where you started cooperation. Today, easier and more profitable to buy shares through the Internet. To you will be automatically attached to your broker, who can always provide high quality and professional advice. Often open an account today is a free procedure. And you can start by investing in the purchase of all shares of one thousand rubles. Although this amount may be much more, all depends on the broker with whom you started the cooperation and the stock exchange on which you opened the account.

Consider the time in your city at the time of trading on the exchanges of the world Consider the time in your city at the time of trading on the exchanges of the world

Today, the easiest and most affordable method how to buy shares of the company - it is their buying in the secondary securities market (let's just say in the future - Stock Exchange). Under current law to buy and sell their shares are only entitled to special financial agents with a license for this type of activity. Today the list of companies offering such services is extremely wide.

Purchase of shares and their sale is only possible through companies. All they take a certain percentage of the transaction and a certain amount for depository services (keeping your shares). Instead of this, they offer professional advice, analysis of the market situation, and the process of purchase and sale of shares on your behalf. This link at the RBC Rating you can see a list of brokers offering similar services.

Choosing a broker - it is a very important step, because it is him you entrust your money, and that it will lead you into the world of gaming on the rise and fall, buying and selling, in a word, a good broker will help you become a wealthy man.

How to buy shares on the market, because it is a very important lesson? Today the stock market presents hundreds of joint stock companies.

All stock exchanges operate through the internet. Do not be an exception. How to buy stock online? It's very simple. We need to install a computer program that lets you instantly online to monitor the situation on the trading floors and buy or sell shares. This program is called - trading system. Login and password for your broker gives you. How to buy shares of the bank or company - this question you should discuss with a broker, namely, strategy, analysis of the securities market and further proceed with the transaction itself!

Believe me, in this case, the game is on the stock exchange - the error does not happen! Often valuable experience gained. Without it, you simply can not achieve anything!

And most importantly, as Warren Buffett said, only actions can lead us to a dream ! How to buy profitable stocks, reset them waiting maximum sentence invest again - all these manipulations do not tolerate haste, but with careful and balanced approach would walk out!