Stock tips

Stock tips. Tips leading stock traders.
1. Stock tips. Profit should be more losses. A loss of money should be taken as an inevitability. From loss in the stock market no one is immune.
2. Stock tips. Play on a clearly defined plan (what means risk, on which profits are calculated - the risk and profitability).
3. Stock tips. To raise capital, it is necessary to have a considerable degree of self-confidence and be able to take risks.
4. Stock tips. All depends on you and the outcome of any transaction - it is your personal responsibility.
5. Stock tips. If you have achieved the result, do not chase success, the market is volatile - promote the stop price to avoid losses.
6. Stock tips. If your position is losing, do not rely on fortune, leave the stock market.
7. Stock tips. Emotions in the stock market disconnect, there is only time to plan and put "feet".
8. Stock tips. Keep trading, following the direction of the trend, the most you will be able to increase their profits.
9. Stock tips. Newcomers immediately begin to play several trades, without having to keep track of changing information on them. Do not hurry, master the stock market gradually.
10. Stock tips. "Stop order" exists to avoid big losses.
11. Stock tips. Creating your own trading system, do not deviate from the plan, even if you have made several trades in a row.
12. Stock tips. Follow profitable positions, do not rush to close them or to turn into a loss. Achieved positive values ​​- install "stop". And keep watching the movements of the stock market.
13. Stock tips. Save money earned by holding profitable positions and closing unprofitable.
14. Stock tips. Do not waste time on losing positions - closed, moved on to a new one.
15. Stock tips. After examining the trades statistics at least six months, make their individual strategic plan, but he will allow you to receive income. When you create, you can use a demo account. There is a constant profit? Go to the expense of the real.
16. Stock tips. Record your actions, results, thoughts during and after the auction. This analysis will give you invaluable experience in the future.
17. Stock tips. At the initial stage of the game in the stock market, do not try to put a significant amount of money to make more money immediately. Who is more important for you to develop an effective strategy.
18. Stock tips. Do not make the right conclusions one win or loss. Important results for the month, quarter or year.
19. Stock tips. Grow, read specialized literature, check all in practice. So you will win the stock market!