Stock broker

Stock brokers following the wishes of their clients operate on the exchanges of the sale and purchase of stocks and shares. Stockbroker working in a brokerage firm and traded. Brokerage firm - a company which is engaged in investment. Exchanges - it markets in which regularly purchase and sale of securities, funds, indexes, and other products. Broker themselves do not produce and do not own the goods being sold on the stock exchanges, they are only middlemen who make transactions of buying and selling on behalf of their clients who invest their capital in securities shares.

The task of the broker enters execution of orders for transactions on favorable terms for the client. For a successful outcome he will need knowledge of the rules of exchanges and trading system. At the beginning of their workday broker handles the press, especially the news of economic enterprises. After watching the newspapers and news portals, it is necessary to consult with his client and noted his wishes relating to the sale and purchase. In order to cater to the wishes of the client associated with the investments, to communicate with the investor he can by phone or on the internet, face to face meetings are not often. Broker must keep the client informed of all the situations in the markets and to issue a warrant for sale. After trading stock broker need to make the client report on its activities , indicating the movement of growth in prices of its shares from the opening and the closing of the exchanges to add a comment about the situation, to make the analysis and forecast.

Stock broker working in a clean and comfortable working indoors using computer for work, with which he is aware of the news and wishes of the client and executes transactions on the exchanges. Almost all of his working time he spends on the computer, which causes tension in the shoulders, back, and eyes. Profession is psychologically intense and requires precision and strict observance of the law, consistency, creative solutions to obtain new information. To work in this field need to know oriented economy in economic terms, be knowledgeable in the field of entrepreneurship and the principles of exchange, to know the laws of business. Stock broker daily contact with numbers, so there must be a mathematical ingenuity. So he should know English. Stock broker need to have quick response, it must have tranquility, ability to analyze, to be precise, balanced, with a stable psyche and ability to cope with stress.

This activity requires secondary education and economic knowledge that get in the professional or higher education level. Many skills can be obtained by directly performing the work. Professional broker interested investors and members of the exchanges, who can arrange for the issue of the right exam for tendering that evaluates broker as a professional competent worker. Business organization studied for two years at the Centers for vocational education in schools and economic schools. Specialty "entrepreneur" is produced in colleges where the training takes place one year. In economic specialty schools teach "taxation and banking." High school student who wants to learn to be a stock broker, should pay more attention to their native language, foreign language, mathematics and economics.

Demand assessment stock broker complex since established good business and economic environment, but with the development of the software and computer communications, through which transactions are conducted without intermediaries, stock brokers less demand. Stock broker pay specific monthly salary, as well as the expected growth, which depends on the outcome of the transaction.