Investing in stocks

Investing in stocks.Everyone wants to be secured in their lives. If you own a house or apartment, then it can be yours for you great "asset", but you have to live in it all my life. You want to get financially secure future or your home abroad to stay? You can do this by investing their savings to live comfortably in the future.

In the beginning, investing in stocks, you will need money. Do not start investing until you have a steady job. Learn how to plan your budget and spend your money wisely. Investors should be very careful not to spend their money deferred, and be able to save, to invest in the future and other emergency situations.

Before you start investing, you need a basic understanding of what action, what it means to invest and how to evaluate your options. Buy or read online some basic books about investing.

Record your expenditures and investments on paper, track trade date, the number of shares bought, their prices, loss or profit, commissions, taxes on dividends, short-term or long-term capital gains taxes. Calculate the net profit or loss net of fees and taxes for a specific period (1 year or more) and compare their own results with the index of the securities market. Do not start to make money on the trade, until you are confident in your trading abilities.

Trial and error - it is a reliable way to find a good broker, but you may be more cautious, looking at the reviews on the Internet. The most important factor here is the price, namely the fees, and other charges. Brokers usually charge a commission of less than $ 10 per transaction. Some charge $ 1 per transaction, some give a limited number of free transactions per year, with the proviso that you meet certain criteria.

If you do not have the time or desire to learn about some of the actions do not buy them.

Trust only your own research and do not look for any stock tips from insiders. Buffett says that he does not even open all the letters mailed to him with recommendations. Also, do not see the TV channels that say about the stock market. Focus on long-term investments ( about 10 - 20 years), not too trusting short-term investments. Set aside a percentage of your salary to purchase shares once a month.

Consult a reputable brokers, bankers or investment advisers, if you need it. Never stop learning, and read the book, as well as articles written by experts who have invested in stocks successfully and continue to do so.