Buy shares

Buy shares. Investment, or buying and selling shares can be accessible to all. In this issue the main thing - learn to do it. For the average person and a legal entity without the necessary licenses, access to the stock exchange, where myself and to buy and sell shares, limited , so you need a broker that will, first, the executor of your orders, and secondly, a mediator during trading. Buying and selling shares through a broker

Brokers are professional stock market participants. Their task in relation to its customers is as follows:

provide trading system for transactions via the Internet ( online trading), unless client prefers this type of operations;
execute the Customer relating to the acquisition or sale of shares, acting on his behalf;
play the role of mediator;
make write-offs when buying or enrollment in a sale at the Customer's account funds;
keep records and provide the client with information on completed transactions. Execution of these actions is largely a technical nature, so many brokers and they represent the company (banks ) are not limited to this minimum set of services, and provide ample opportunities of brokerage services. Set of services may vary. RosEvroBank, in particular, provides:

large package of training programs, seminars, workshops and other training activities, which can be used at their discretion;
technical and information support;
the possibility of margin trading borrowing of cash or shares;
a wide range of tariff plans, among which you can choose the most suitable option for you;
more, depending on the style of doing business and the goals of the investor ( trader ).
The most important thing when choosing a broker - a good reputation, positive reviews and the availability of appropriate licenses. We certainly guarantee fast and reliable access to the stock market, real transaction commissions and quality service.
Any purchase or sale of shares through a broker easily administered. Virtually everything you will need - to apply for opening a brokerage account directly on the site, contract brokerage services with opening a brokerage account and to deposit the required amount for the acquisition of shares of funds. If the purchase and sale of shares elected as a permanent option to generate income, that is, you are going to seriously engage in trading - imperative originally trained. It will help to focus on the market, learn to work the trading system Quik, understand the nature and strategy of trade. You can do all this for free by opening a demo account. If you just intend to buy shares as investment option at a certain time of their money, " RosEvroBank" is also ready to provide similar services.

Highlights trade shares on the exchange

When carrying out operations with securities (shares) on the stock exchange can be made 3 primary operations: buy, sell shares to borrow. Most basic operations on the exchange as follows:

trader buys shares, if it believes that in the future will be able to sell them more expensive;
trader sells shares previously acquired, if it believes that further growth of their value is not possible;
trader takes shares borrowed from a broker and sells them, if it believes that in the future will be able to buy cheaper and similar actions to repay the debt, received as profit the difference between the original sale price of the borrowed shares and subsequent purchase price to return to the broker.
Any action requires an analysis of the open positions. By acquiring a certain number of shares and analyzing their price will rise, you can purchase an additional a number of similar actions, and stunting to sell all shares in one package. Such actions associated with the purchase of additional shares, means adding positions. These examples show the successful outcome of the operation. At the same time we can not exclude such options when in contrast to the expectations of share price growth will start to fall. In this case, the trader will suffer losses.
In fact, all of the above - only a small part of the possible operations basis of doing business. Experienced traders are suitable to trade more globally, developing individual strategies and schemes of trading.