Stock market investing

Stock market investing. Investing in the stock market - a relatively new form of investing money for Russian citizens. By right of being one of the most sought after in the Russian option, investing in the stock market - it's not just the ability to create, preserve and increase your capital, but also a good way to make money.

If you decide to invest capital in the stock market, most of all, it's the right decision. For many years it was the stock market showed the best rate of return over the other options, such as investment in bonds, precious metals, State kaznachesyskie obligations (ETF) and deposits.

In the short-term prospects of the various assets may be higher than the yield of the stock market, but in the long term - it is investment in securities in the lead in profitability compared to other assets. This is indicated by the historical data.
It should also be noted that the stock, as well as the raw materials market, allows you to earn income not only on the growth of the securities, but also to fall in value.

Today there are many options for investing in the stock market: mutual funds (PIFs), index funds, investments in domestic stock markets, investments in international securities markets.

Tool selection should be based on an analysis of the ratio of income to the possible risks. Not a few are important personal qualities of the investor, his attitude to risk, the presence of the desire for self-education and training time in the investment field .

For beginners and those who are poorly versed in investing in the stock market can be recommended to get acquainted with the course on the topic of investing. And wanting to learn how to make the stock market from the comfort of home - with materials in which you can learn a lot of trade secrets and subtleties in trading on the stock market.