Stock market strategy

Stock market strategy. If you run the stock market, or if you desire. Well do not rush and think. If you need to read blogs on finance, on the stock exchange made. If you need to read books that deal with this topic and many do it. At the end of my articles on the subject of the award, I would put links to good books to start.

Why I return to the stock market? The time is right to equity investments. The market is very low.
The yield savings without actual risk is very low. A booklet is currently at 2.25 %, the average fund in euros on average 3.3 %, and it may fall further.

  In this context, I return to armed grant a new experience built by my readings and my past. I do not believe either in the opportunity to earn a lot and quickly.
Maybe some people are capable of? Not me. For ordinary mortals forget it.

My trading strategy is derived from the experience of those who succeed.(Warren Buffet)

We are at the heart of the subject of stock market investment.I'm not going to speak of complicated terms that can expose you.

The scholarship is simple, they are businesses that need funding and that they issue shares. To you want to enter the capital of the company or not. It's supply and demand regulates the price of a share.

Now, do not forget one thing, action is not a simple piece of paper. You buy a share of the company, ie you become an actor who can give an opinion on the results and objectives thereof. You must feel concerned by the company to whom you give your money but also your confidence.

Speculation serves to enrich the banks, brokers and often you poorer.

So I have 2 Strategies cumulative: Let me explain.

The idea I have is to enter the capital of companies that are what can be called large caps (the CAC 40 companies for example). I target those among these companies that distribute dividends exceeding 3.5 %. It is important that a company pays people who allow it to grow.
Must return to the capital at the right time, when the share price is cheap, there is up to you to keep you informed.

I intend to keep a good portion of my actions on the long term without worry about the investment. I do not want to spend my time to monitor prices on a daily basis.

Obviously, if the market goes down, I buy if I have the cash (I recommend always having a little to take advantage of market declines.).