Trade stocks

Trade stocks.Rule trading stock.Is to create a certain level of stock of goods sufficient to continuous presence on the shelves range of commercial equipment. Formation of a certain size inventory system that allows traders to ensure stability range, to carry out certain pricing policy, to raise the level of trade services.
According to the purpose inventories generated in commercial establishments are classified into three groups: current storage reserves; stocks seasonal storage and early shipment, inventory purpose.
Inventories current storage make up the bulk of all stocks trading enterprise. They are created to ensure the smooth sale of goods in the current period and must be constantly replenished.
Inventories seasonal storage and early delivery are only certain commercial enterprises on the basis of the features of the range of goods sold and geographic location (vegetables, fruits, sugar, " Northern territories ").
Inventories are earmarked in the trade for certain purposes not associated with the ongoing sale of goods ( pre-holiday trade).
Created in trade inventories evaluated a number of indicators, in particular the sum of inventory in terms of value, the number of stocks of goods in kind, size of inventory turnover in days.
The process of regulation and planning of inventory at the retailer consists of a number of separate stages. The main stages of regulation and planning inventories are, in particular: the definition of the purpose of making the inventory, analysis of the size, composition and inventory turnover in the preplanning period, the development of standards for inventory, identification of the planned amount of inventory, evaluation of the effectiveness of the developed plan inventory, ensuring permanent monitoring of the inventory at the retailer.