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Daybreak Fuji - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Daybreak Fuji
Description An early sport of Fuji, discovered at Twin Springs Fruit Farm, Orrtanna, PA. The fruit is large with an orange-red blush over 60% of the fruit surface. Maturing a full six to eight weeks ahead of conventional Fuji, Daybreak Fuji provides the opportunity to harvest high quality Fuji in early September. This is an excellent choice for both retail and wholesale markets.
Duchess of Oldenburg - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Duchess of Oldenburg
Duchess of Oldenburg is a popular early-season apple, primarily used as a cooking apple although it can be eaten fresh when fully ripe. It is often known simply as "Duchess".
Egremont Russet - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Egremont Russet
Egremont Russet is a classic English russet apple from the Victorian era. It remains popular with discerning apple lovers who appreciate its unique flavor and apearance.
Ellison's Orange - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Ellison's Orange
Ellison's Orange is a superb traditional English dessert apple, closely related to Cox's Orange Pippin, but with a notably juicier flesh. It has the attractive orange flush so typical of English apples.
Elstar - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Elstar
A particularly attractive late-season apple with a very good flavor, quite widely available in Continental Europe and the USA. Often imported by UK supermarkets for their "value" ranges - but Elstar is actually a very good quality apple, related to Golden Delicious and (more distantly) Cox's Orange Pippin.
Empire - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Empire
Empire was developed in the 1940s as a cross between McIntosh and Red Delicious and soon established itself as one of the top McIntosh-style apples.
Enterprise - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Enterprise
Description Developed by Purdue University. This is a late maturing, deep red apple with good keeping qualities. Fruit is uniform - medium to large. Tree is spreading with good annual bearing habits. Enterprise is immune to apple scab, highly resistant to fire blight and cedar apple rust, and moderately resistant to powdery mildew.
Florina - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Florina
Florina is a modern scab-resistant apple variety. Although developed in France, its parentage is primarily American, being derived from Jonathan crossed with Golden Delicious and Rome Beauty among others.
Freedom - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Freedom
Description Large multi-purpose apple, good for fresh eating, sauce, and juice. Color is red stripe over yellow background with a cream-colored, medium-firm flesh. Freedom blooms three days after McIntosh and ripens with Red Delicious. Tree is resistant to apple scab and moderately resistant to mildew and fire blight.
Freyberg - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Freyberg
Freyberg is a relatively unknown apple variety, yet it has an excellent pedigree - it is a cross between the English Cox's Orange Pippin and the American Golden Delicious, two outstanding but very different apples.
Fuji (Brak Cltv) - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Fuji (Brak Cltv)
Description Highly colored striped strain of Fuji, maturing at the same time as original Fuji. This strain was selected for its outstanding fruit color development, quality and flavor. Fruit is large with a pronounced stripe. Tree is vigorous, spreading and requires aggressive thinning to avoid bi-annual cropping. This strain appears to be less prone to sunburn when grown under eastern conditions.
Fulford Gala - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Fulford Gala
Description A solid blush strain of Gala originating in Hastings, New Zealand. The Fulford strain matures three to four days ahead of other Gala strains. Color is a bright orange-red with yellow background. Fulford Gala is a larger sized Gala, with a blush red rather than stripe. An excellent choice for roadside markets and pick-your-own. Fulford Gala is a registered trademark of Interplant Patent Marketing.
Galarina - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Galarina
Description This mid-late season Gala-like apple was developed in France. Fruit resembles Gala, small to medium in size, red to orange red, with some yellow background. Flavor is crisp and sweet and will store up to four months in regular cold storage. The apple will hang up to four weeks after expected harvest with very little stem cracking. Tree is vigorous, hardier than Gala and the growth habit upright-spreading. Galarina shows high tolerance to apple scab, mildew and fire blight.
Gale Gala - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Gale Gala
Description One of the new generation of super red Gala sports. Gale Gala was discovered by Wally Gale in his Malaga, Washington Royal Gala orchard. This outstanding sport develops a 90-100% full red color with deep red striping allowing harvest in one or two pickings. Fruit size, firmness, and eating quality is comparable to other Gala sports.
Ginger Gold - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Ginger Gold
Description We are pleased and excited to offer this ACN exclusive variety. Discovered as a chance seedling on the orchards of Clyde and Ginger Harvey of Lovingston, VA, this Golden Delicious-type apple ripens six weeks ahead of Golden Delicious and can be harvested the first week of August in Adams County. Ginger Gold exhibits all the qualities of a fall variety and ripens three weeks before McIntosh. The highest quality early season yellow dessert apple available.
Golden Delicious - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Golden Delicious
Description A russet resistant selection of the original Golden Delicious. One of the most widely planted apple cultivars worldwide. Fruit is firm, medium to large with the classic Golden Delicious flavor. The tree is spreading, productive, and easy to manage. Fruit thinning is required to maintain annual bearing.
Golden Russet - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Golden Russet
Golden Russet is usually considered to have the best flavor of all American russet apples. It is an exceptionally versatile apple and was grown in New England on a commercial basis in the 19th century.
GoldRush - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები GoldRush
Description Best known for its remarkable keeping qualities (10-11 months) and sweet crisp flavor. GoldRush resists oxidation when cut, making a very yellow sauce or firm crisp slices for baking. Tree shape is slightly upright with a semi-spur habit. Resistant to scab and mildew, with moderate resistance to fire blight. Matures after Fuji, and is not recommended for northern growing districts.
Granny Smith - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Granny Smith
Description A late, green, tart apple maturing in early November. Develops a red blush in the Northeast. High quality eating apple with a storage life equal to Fuji.
Gravenstein - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Gravenstein
Gravenstein is a high-quality dual-purpose apple variety, originally from Europe, but well-established in North America. Gravenstein has never achieved great commercial success, but "Gravs" remain extremely popular with apple enthusiasts around the world. The flavor, both for eating fresh and (especially) for cooking is unusually good for such an early-season variety.
Grimes Golden - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Grimes Golden
Description An old favorite suitable for fresh use, cider and cooking. This variety is medium in vigor, productive and an excellent pollinizer.
Hampshire Mac - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Hampshire Mac
Description A McIntosh-type apple discovered by Erick Leadbeater of Contoocook, NH. The fruit is 90% red and very firm, with a crisp, juicy texture. Ripening two to three weeks later than conventional McIntosh, Hampshire Mac provides the opportunity to extend the McIntosh Season.
Hardy Cumberland - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Hardy Cumberland
Description An heirloom variety, Hardy Cumberland is best suited for southern districts. It is a late season variety showing good scab resistance. The tree is vigorous, hardy and productive. Fruit is medium in size, crisp with good flavor.
Honeycrisp - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Honeycrisp
Description This exceptional variety was developed from a Macoun x Honeygold cross at the University of Minnesota. The fruit is mostly orange-red with a yellow background. This crisp, juicy, sweet apple has a rich flavor that has made it #1 in taste panels. The fruit averages 3 inches and up, matures ten days before Red Delicious, has a two week harvest window and stores well. Outstanding winter hardiness gives this variety excellent potential for northern growing areas, particularly for roadside markets and pick-your-own operations.
Idared - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Idared
Description A dual-purpose apple, suitable for both fresh and processing markets. Idared is a solid bright red apple that keeps well in long term storage. This medium-vigor tree bears young and annually with heavy crops. Blooms early-mid season and makes a good pollinizer. Susceptible to fire blight.
Initial - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Initial
Description A scab resistant variety developed at INRA Angers, France, Initial is a Gala x Redfree cross. It matures approximately one week before Gala. The fruit has good size and is a red blush over a yellow background. Variety is prone to fruit drop making it an ideal selection for food plots. Tree is relatively non-vigorous and the fruit is crisp with a mild acidic flavor.
James Grieve - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები James Grieve
James Grieve is a justifiably popular dual-purpose apple variety, raised in Scotland at the end of the 19th century, the height of the Victorian period of apple development in the UK. It is a very juicy apple, producing plenty of sharp-tasting apple juice.
Jonagold De Coster - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Jonagold De Coster
Description Selected by Henry De Coster, a prominent horticulturist from Belgium, this red strain is one of the leading red strains planted in Europe. The apple has an attractive red blush over yellow background with red color developing just before harvest. The strain is characterized by excellent dessert and processing qualities, and does not compromise the flavor of the original Jonagold selection. Trees are very vigorous, productive, and spreading in habit.
Jonamac - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Jonamac
Description Attractive, high quality McIntosh-type dessert apple that is medium in size, with 90% dark red color. Fruit is firm and crisp, ripening just ahead of McIntosh. Tree is medium sized, very productive, and an annual bearer.
Keepsake - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Keepsake
Description Keepsake was developed by the University of Minnesota and introduced in the late 1970s. The fruit is sweet and spicy and the texture is crisp and dense, making it an ideal cooking apple. It keeps very well, storing up to six months. Harvests early October in south central PA.
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