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Cameo - Apple Varieties list a - z  Cameo

Description A chance seedling found by Darrel Caudle near Dryden, Washington in 1987. The fruit quality is firm, crisp and characterized by a highly appealing subacid, aromatic flavor. Fruit shape is conic, very similar to Delicious but without the bumps on the bottom. The apple color is bright red stripe over creamy background. The tree is a semi-spur with good vigor, precocity and high productivity. Mildew, scald, bitter pit and watercore have not been observed on this variety. Matures one week before Fuji and has a long picking window with Storage quality comparable to Fuji.

Chrisolyn Jonathan - Apple Varieties list a - z  Chrisolyn Jonathan

Description Discovered by Jeff Campbell of Peters Orchards in Waverly, MO and available through license agreement with International Plant Management, Chrisolyn® is a promising new strain of Jonathan. Fruit develops a strong stripe and an early coloring feature not previously observed in other Jonathan strains. Flavor and texture are tart and crisp, and the fruit has held up very well in storage tests. Harvests with other Jonathan strains.

Cortland - Apple Varieties list a - z  Cortland

Description A cross between McIntosh and Ben Davis that inherited the good qualities of both parents. Fruit is a beautiful red, very large, with pure white flesh. Crops heavier than most varieties and considered an annual bearer. Picked seven to ten days after McIntosh.

Crimson Gala - Apple Varieties list a - z  Crimson Gala

Description Intense coloring, striped strain of Gala discovered in a block of Royal Gala in Milton-Freewater, Oregon. It has similar size and flavor to its parent, Tenroy Gala, maturing three to five days later. A very precocious annual bearer with upright growth habit producing strong wide-angle crotches. Recommended for northern growing districts where full color with a prominent stripe is desired.

CrimsonCrisp - Apple Varieties list a - z  CrimsonCrisp

Description CrimsonCrisp is a wonderful, disease resistant variety. The fruit is medium in size with a very attractive crimson red color over 95% of the surface. CrimsonCrisp has a very firm, crisp texture with a tart, complex flavor. The tree is very grower friendly with a spreading habit, fruiting throughout the tree on two and three year old branches. The fruit matures mid-season and will keep in cold storage for six months. CrimsonCrisp is a trademark of Purdue Research Foundation.

Crimson Gold - Apple Varieties list a - z  Crimson Gold

Description Crimson® Gold is a new disease resistant cultivar harvesting the second week in September, just ahead of Golden Delicious. The fruit colors nicely with a near full red-orange blush on a yellow background and the flesh is white, firm and juicy. Apples are medium in size with a sweet-tart flavor. Fruit has storage life of up to eight months. The trees have medium vigor and are very productive, so they should be thinned accordingly. Crimson Gold is very resistant to apple scab.

Crimson Topaz - Apple Varieties list a - z  Crimson Topaz

Description A Rubin x Vanda cross, Crimson Topaz is a promising new disease resistant dessert apple harvesting one week before Golden Delicious. The fruit is medium in size, crisp and juicy with good flavor. It has a 50% orange-red striping color over a yellow background. The growth habit is spur-like, vigorous and upright. Crimson Topaz is a precocious cropper and the fruit does not drop. Resistant to apple scab and moderately resistant to mildew.

Crown Empire - Apple Varieties list a - z  Crown Empire

Description A red blush sport discovered at Crist Brothers Orchard, Walden, NY in 1990. Exhibits full red color two weeks ahead of Empire. Very productive and a better annual bearer than other blush strains observed. Trees are somewhat less vigorous than Empire producing a slightly smaller tree. We feel this strain is worthy of planting and will set new standards for the Empire market.

Calville Blanc - Apple Varieties list a - z  Calville Blanc

Calville Blanc is an ancient French apple, which crossed the Atlantic early in the history of the New World and soon gained a following amongst discerning North American apple enthusiasts. It is not the best looking apple, but you grow this one for the kitchen not for the fruit bowl - it is a cooking apple of the highest quality.

Cornish Gilliflower - Apple Varieties list a - z  Cornish Gilliflower

Cornish Gillyflower originates from the county of Cornwall, the south-west peninsula of the United Kingdom.

Court Pendu Plat - Apple Varieties list a - z  Court Pendu Plat

Court Pendu Plat is one of the oldest known apples, dating back to the 1600s and possibly earlier.

Cox's Orange Pippin - Apple Varieties list a - z  Cox's Orange Pippin

This is the classic English apple, often regarded as the finest of all dessert apples. It sets the benchmark for flavor in apples to which all others aspire. The aromatic complexity and depth of flavors in a good Cox's Orange Pippin are remarkable. In our personal experience pear, melon, freshly-squeezed Florida orange juice, and mango are all readily evident in a good example.

Cripp's Pink - Apple Varieties list a - z  Cripp's Pink

Cripps Pink is an attractive modern apple variety from Australia. Its distinctive pink/red color and pleasant flavor make it an interesting variety for the gardener or home orchardist. The blossom is also notably attractive.

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