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Kidd's Orange Red - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Kidd's Orange Red
Kidd's Orange Red is one of the select band of apple varieties which can truly be said to rival the definitive Cox's Orange Pippin for flavor. It is primarily a sweet apple, but unlike most sweet apples it has a rich complexity to the flavors too. Kidd's Orange Red is fairly crisp but also pleasantly chewy, and each bite seems to release yet more juice and flavor. It's in some ways reminiscent of a good French dessert wine - sweet, but with a good kick to it.
King of Tompkins County - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები King of Tompkins County
King of Tompkins County is a traditional cooking apple from New York state. The apples are very large in size, and have a good acidic flavor.
Kumeu Crimson Braeburn - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Kumeu Crimson Braeburn
Description A late season apple developed in New Zealand. Medium to large fruit with sweet-tart flavor and long storage life. Tree is spur-type with low vigor. Kumeu Crimson Braeburn matures in late October/early November in southern Pennsylvania.
Lady - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Lady
Description A novelty variety grown primarily for use in decoration. Tree is upright and spreading with spur-type characteristics. Fruit is very small, firm and crisp with an attractive red-orange blush over a straw colored background.
Laxton's Superb - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Laxton's Superb
Laxton's Superb is a classic English dessert apple from the Victorian era, still widely grown in gardens and small orchards in England. The apples have the orange/red flush which is characteristic of many English apple varieties.
Liberty - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Liberty
Description A medium size, yellow fleshed dessert apple with 90% red over yellow background color. Tree is vigorous, spreading, and an annual bearer. Liberty is resistant to apple scab, cedar apple rust, fire blight, and mildew. A good choice for the home gardener.
LindaMac - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები LindaMac
Description LindaMac is a bright red, true McIntosh that starts coloring a month ahead of every other Mac. It finishes to a virtually 100% solid bright red blush with no striping. LindaMac has the crisp sweet flavor and attractive appearance of a true Mac and shares the same fruit characteristics as McIntosh.
Lodi - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Lodi
Description A variety very similar to Yellow Transparent, maturing approximately five days later. Lodi produces heavy crops of large sized fruit for the early season. Trees are vigorous, spreading and set fruit on two and three year wood. Dwarfing rootstocks are recommended for control of excess growth.
Macoun - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Macoun
Description Dessert-type apple exhibiting similar characteristics to McIntosh. Macoun is recognized in the Northeast for its high quality. Flesh is white, firm and juicy. A high demand item for the roadside market and pick-your-own trade. Tree is upright in habit requiring aggressive thinning to maintain annual cropping.
Marshall McIntosh - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Marshall McIntosh
Description An outstanding McIntosh selection discovered in Massachusetts. Identical to its parent McIntosh with the exception of exhibiting intense red color. Marshall McIntosh ripens three to five days ahead of Spur McIntosh, a useful tool in extending your McIntosh harvest. The highest quality early season McIntosh available. Marshall McIntosh is a trademark name of Marshall Farms, Inc., Fitchburg, MA.
McIntosh - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები McIntosh
McIntosh (or Macintosh) is one of the great North American apples. Discovered in the early 19th century it rapidly became an important home and commercial apple variety in Canada and the north-eastern USA.
Melrose - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Melrose
Description A Jonathan x Delicious cross, ripening early October in southern PA. Fruit is large, firm, crisp and juicy. Attractive red with some yellow background. Melrose keeps well in storage and is a premium cooking and dessert apple.
Mollies Delicious - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Mollies Delicious
Description Mollies Delicious is a late summer apple. It is a low chill variety with good size, a very attractive finish, and conic shape. It colors with a 50% red blush on a yellow background. Fruit stores for up to 10 weeks in cold storage. Tree is vigorous and very productive, as well as a great pollinizer.
Mutsu - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Mutsu
Description A cross between Yellow Delicious and Indo. Fruit is very large, firm and juicy with excellent dessert and processing qualities. Tree is very vigorous, a triploid and must be pollinated. Susceptible to blister spot. Excellent variety for roadside markets and the pick-your-own trade.
Newtown Pippin - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Newtown Pippin
Newtown Pippin is an antique American apple variety with a history going back more than 250 years. It is not the prettiest apple you ever saw, but it is one of the best-flavored - aromatic with plenty of acid and pleasantly refreshing. The flesh is dense, crisp and juicy, and can have a pineapple-like note to the flavor.
Nittany - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Nittany
Description Introduced by Pennsylvania State University, Nittany is a York Imperial type apple possessing outstanding processing characteristics. Its flavor and attractive orange-red color also give it good fresh market potential. The apple can be held in refrigerated storage for up to six months. Flesh oxidizes very slowly and imparts a highly desirable yellow color to processed products. Nittany needs to be aggressively thinned to avoid biennial bearing.
Northern Spy - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Northern Spy
Description An old time favorite variety for northern climates, that has been grown throughout New York, New England, Michigan and Pennsylvania for over 100 years. Northern Spy produces large, high quality fruit with excellent keeping quality. The tree is upright, very vigorous and winter hardy. Northern Spy is slow to begin bearing and dwarfing rootstocks are recommended.
Nova Spy - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Nova Spy
Description Nova Spy was introduced by the Nova Scotia Research Station in Kentville. It harvests in the same season as Northern Spy, but is more precocious than the original Spy. Fruit has a sweet, pleasant flavor making it very good for fresh eating. It bakes well and makes a great cider apple too. This variety has shown good resistance to apple scab.
Orleans Reinette - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Orleans Reinette
Orleans Reinette is an old French late-season apple variety, first recorded in the 18th century.
Pink Lady  brand Cripps Pink Variety - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Pink Lady brand Cripps Pink Variety
Description Attractive pink blush over a yellow background color, this Golden Delicious x Lady Williams cross is suggested for warmer Mid-Atlantic growing regions. The fruit is medium to large, crisp with a sweet-tart flavor and has a long storage life. It develops full flavor after four weeks in storage. It requires only 400 chill hours and it matures 200-215 days after bloom. Because of the low chilling requirement and the naturally high vigor of this variety, it may be planted in a range of sites, including warm climates and weak soils. Summer pruning, low fertility and low vigor rootstocks are highly recommended.
Pristine - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Pristine
Description The earliest of our scab resistant offerings, ripening just after Lodi. Pristine is a yellow apple with smooth, glossy skin. Fruit is high in sugar content with very good keeping quality for an early season apple. The tree is vigorous and considered very scab resistant, but somewhat susceptible to fire blight. Bud 9 is our dwarf rootstock recommendation.
Querina - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Querina
Developed at INRA Angers, France, Querina™ is scab resistant and moderately resistant to mildew. Parentage includes Golden Delicious and Jonathan, among others. The fruit is firm and juicy with a sweet-tart flavor and it develops solid red color. Querina harvests 2-3 weeks after Golden Delicious and will keep for up to 2-3 months in regular storage. Tree is vigorous and somewhat upright. This variety is susceptible to cedar apple rust.
Red Jonaprince - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Red Jonaprince
Description Jonagold has become an important variety in the United States and Europe due to its exceptional eating quality, large fruit size and high yield potential.
Red Rome Beauty - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Red Rome Beauty
Description A red sport of Rome Beauty. The most widely planted strain of Rome. Fruit is solid red and of the same quality as Rome Beauty. We feel this is the premium Red Rome for the fresh market industry.
Red Winesap - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Red Winesap
Description An improved all-red Winesap. Fruit is very firm, medium in size and matures 5 days after Snapp Stayman. Flavor is more stringent than Stayman. Exhibits less cracking than Red Stayman. Trees should be planted on dwarf stock and kept open to maintain fruit color characteristics.
Red Yorking - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Red Yorking
Description This sport of York Imperial colors earlier and has more complete color. The premium processing apple.
Redfree - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Redfree
Description Another of the disease resistant apple cultivars, Redfree matures in early August. This is considered a dessert quality apple with bright red color over a yellow background. The tree is semi-upright and crops annually. It is resistant to apple scab and cedar apple rust and has moderate resistance to fire blight and powdery mildew.
Rhode Island Greening - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Rhode Island Greening
Rhode Island Greening is one of the best American culinary apples. Described by William Kendrick in his book The New American Orchardist (1833) as "... tender, rich, juicy, of an agreeable flavor in which acid predominates" - an excellent summary of the key attributes of a good kitchen apple.
Ribston Pippin - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Ribston Pippin
A particuarly handsome apple, thought to be one of the parents of Cox's Orange Pippin. It has some of the aromatic qualities of that variety when eaten fresh, but is noticeably sharper in flavor - and for this reason is often used in the kitchen as well.
Rogers Red McIntosh - Apple Varieties | vashlis jishebi | ვაშლის ჯიშები Rogers Red McIntosh
Description Good coloring McIntosh selection suitable for northern-most McIntosh districts. Good storage qualities and winter hardiness. A long time standard of Red McIntosh strains.
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