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Sansa - Apple Varieties list a - z  Sansa

Description A Gala x Akane cross developed in Japan, maturing one week before Gala. Excellent dessert apple with good keeping quality. Resembles Gala in fruit color and firmness.

Shizuka - Apple Varieties list a - z  Shizuka

Description A sister to Mutsu developed in Japan. Reported to be blister spot resistant. Fruit has a milder flavor than Mutsu. Tree vigor appears to be similar. Worthy of trial where blister spot has been a problem.

Smokehouse - Apple Varieties list a - z  Smokehouse

Description An old-timer welcomed in every home. A favorite for pies and sauce. Ripens in September and keeps well in common storage late into winter.

Snapp Stayman - Apple Varieties list a - z  Snapp Stayman

Description Discovered in the orchards of Alfred Snapp, Winchester, VA as a sport of Red Stayman 201. Early evaluations indicate this selection to be the most highly colored strain of Red Stayman available. Tree vigor, productivity and fruit quality are identical to Red Stayman 201.

SnowSweet - Apple Varieties list a - z  SnowSweet

Description Another exciting release from the University of Minnesota, SnowSweet® harvests about two weeks after Honeycrisp™. It is bronze-red blush apple with a creamy white flesh. It has a crisp texture and excellent flavor. This variety is cold hardy and grows best in northern districts. Tree is an annual bearer with moderate vigor. Fruit will keep up to two months in common storage.

Spur Winter Banana - Apple Varieties list a - z  Spur Winter Banana

Description Smooth yellow apple with a red blush. Makes an excellent pollinizer for mid season bloom varieties. Spur-type growth makes tree compact with little maintenance required. Tree begins bearing at an early age. Suitable for processing and cider blending.

Summer Rambo - Apple Varieties list a - z  Summer Rambo

Description Summer Rambo is a green apple, sometimes developing a red blush. The variety is tender, juicy, and possesses a fine, tart flavor. The tree is vigorous, hardy and productive.

SunCrisp - Apple Varieties list a - z  SunCrisp

Description This Golden Delicious x Cox Orange Pippen selection from the New Jersey Apple Breeding Program is rated very highly by taste panels. The fruit color is golden with an reddish-orange blush. This dual-purpose apple matures approximately one week after Golden Delicious, has a sweet, mildly subacid taste, and typically stores up to six months. The tree has medium vigor with an upright growth habit. Thinning decreases the tendency toward biennial bearing. Site selection is critical as this variety is prone to russet. SunCrisp is a registered trademark of Rutgers University.

Super Chief Spur Red Delicious - Apple Varieties list a - z  Super Chief Spur Red Delicious

Description Our newest and best early coloring red strain of Delicious. Originated as a complete tree sport of Campbell Strain in the orchards of Ray Sandidge, Entiat, Washington. This strain starts out as a stripe and fills in to a solid red ten days ahead of harvest. We feel this variety will give eastern growers a distinct early coloring and market advantage.

Saint Edmund's Russet - Apple Varieties list a - z  Saint Edmund's Russet

Saint Edmund's Russet (sometimes known as St. Edmund's Pippin) is one of the best English russet apple varieties. It looks superb with its dull matt russet coloring, and tastes great.

Spartan - Apple Varieties list a - z  Spartan

Spartan is a deep marroon-colored apple with an excellent refreshing sweet flavor. Apple text books often describe the flavor as "vinous" and it can indeed have a wine-like quality, although this is first and foremost a crisp sweet juicy unpretentious apple.

Spitzenburg - Apple Varieties list a - z  Spitzenburg

Without doubt Esopus Spitzenburg is one of the great American apple varieties. It has a true aromatic flavor and has been widely praised by American pomologists down the centuries. The noted English author Hogg writing at the end of the 19th century also liked it, calling it "a most excellent dessert apple".

Sturmer Pippin - Apple Varieties list a - z  Sturmer Pippin

Sturmer Pippin was discovered in the early 19th century in England, and became an important variety in the Victorian England. It is an excellent keeper - an important quality in the era before refrigeration was widespread.

Sweet Sixteen - Apple Varieties list a - z  Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen is one of the best apple varieties for the north country - when grown on suitable rootstocks it is a reliable cropper in zone 4 and even zone 3.

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