Family lawyer

Family lawyer - is a peculiar form of legal aid, which is connected with the features of disputes and legal issues arising in the area of ​​family law. This feature is that in the same family may be several family disputes or legal issues need to be resolved.

And so, marriage - one of the major categories of family law. That marriage begins to people creating their own family. And from that moment, we can say with certainty that the effect vstapayut family law. Such rules - rules codified family law contained in the Family Code of Ukraine. Therefore, the basic concept of family law is marriage. Marriage is a family union women and men registered in the state body of civil registration. Single family residence, women and men without marriage is not a ground for the emergence of their rights and responsibilities of spouses, but the actual stay in the family (marriage) relationship equivalent to marriage in the case of registered property division.

About who this family lawyer, the majority of our citizens know, alas, only in foreign films and TV series, where the rich and influential people on any issue consult with a lawyer in family matters or family lawyer. But the personal legal advice on family issues - this is not the prerogative of wealthy businessmen and politicians.

For the Western world to have someone who can at any time to advise on family law and other family matters - is the norm.

We adopt many European and American habit - the habit of visiting the same comfortable place for us to visit a barber or the same sports club, but rarely do we trust case family lawyer.

We still have not developed the habit to trust all your questions related to the legal profession one person.

In case of necessity, not having their family lawyer, we have to trust everything and secrets to a stranger, while the family issues that are sensitive and personal sphere of life.

Why you need a family lawyer

In general, for many of us the lawyer or the lawyer - is the person that is accessed as a last resort and in the last turn. Although many of the problems could have been avoided if the lawyer time to get advice on family matters.

Some things that people thought household and do not require legal intervention, are not. For example, you flooded the apartment below. Having a family lawyer could consult and plan how to behave in a given situation. Solving the problem yourself, you risk not only to bring the case to court, but also, for example, become a victim of blackmail and extortion by the neighbors. Help a family law lawyer in turn can give you valuable advice, as well as participate in pre-trial disputes, if necessary.

For what, in fact, need a lawyer in family matters? First, he could solve for you all the pressing issues where you may need legal advice. After signing a power of attorney to a lawyer he can be your full legal representative, as well as to provide any legal assistance at any time of day and any day of the week. What things can be trusted lawyer - any family issues from the view of your interests at a meeting of members of the OSB or housing department to criminal cases, if any, are threatening one of his charges (help one of these in the agreement of family members). Such services can be quite varied.

Counsel on family matters and can call in case of contact with the accident. He will arrive at the place of collision, and will advise you competently solve a number of issues, and also verify the correctness of the protocol and will have other necessary assistance.

In other cases, contact with law enforcement (eg, if you are detained by police), you also have the right to demand that you were a part of a family lawyer.

Their family lawyer should also trust contracts to buy or sell real estate. Good lawyers family court will check the integrity of the buyer/seller, and also advise about the risks of making a contract to avoid gimmicks and fraud on the part of your buyer/seller. Lawyer for family issues to decide all family disputes, with your permission and on your behalf.

In accordance with the family law attorney family disputes also decides disputes within the family (the question of inheritance, divorce, etc.). Thanks to competent behavior of your personal lawyer many family disputes can finish without bringing them to trial.
Hire a lawyer, not only for the resolution of family disputes, but also to bring the family documentation in order. For example, it can help you recover lost documents, etc. It also solves any family issues related to the preparation and termination documents.

Remember that if you need to consult a lawyer of the family court in Kiev - you can contact us.

Consultations family lawyer

Timely, competent legal advice, able to prevent the possibility of problems. This is the task of the family lawyer: legal advice and ensuring the security of their principal and his family. Family lawyer must not only represent and protect the interests of the principal and his family at a time when there was such a need, but also in advance to warn them against the negative consequences of any rash actions.

But many hesitate to devote a lawyer in his private life problems, believing that he can condemn them. But a lawyer for the decision other people's problems, correcting the mistakes of others, including the protection of the crimes - it's work. Just as for the doctor - the treatment of disease. In carrying out its work, the lawyer interested in law, but not the moral aspect of the matter.

It is no accident lawyer at the Family has another name - "attorney", a man who confide their secrets and confidential matters. In this case the principal can always be sure that "attorney" will keep his secret.

What can the family lawyer?

Provide legal assistance to a family lawyer contract "family lawyer" provides instructions for doing business lawyer persons listed in the contract.

The name of the attorney general power of attorney executed and the principal enough to call his lawyer, that he performed as the attorney of any order.

The lawyer of the family court may file on behalf of the principal and receive documents in an institution, represent the interests of the general meeting of members of OSB, or ZhEKe, at a meeting of the guardianship authority or housing commission.

Lawyer on your behalf can address the issues of buying or selling real estate, renting it out, design redevelopment of premises.

In case of an accident lawyer will leave to you to the crash site, will provide the necessary legal assistance or give the necessary advice.

If you are detained by law enforcement officers, you have every right to demand call your family lawyer.

Family lawyer will help bring in proper form legal documents your family: develop a prenuptial agreement, a court will restore or request the lost documents, legal accompaniment you concluded insurance contracts, training, child labor contract, give advice on how to better arrange the acquired property, etc..

With this you can be sure that your personal, family lawyer does not take for an additional fee for the case, the success of which is uncertain.

Unfortunately, too many families have to deal with unpleasant situations such as divorce, division of property, deprivation of parental rights, etc. In these cases, refer to the family lawyer, ie lawyer specializing in family law cases and family law. Services family lawyer may be needed not only to spouses who produce the division of property at divorce, but also mothers and fathers who decide disputes about adoption, termination of parental rights, the establishment of a genuine paternity/maternity, want to make alimony when crushi