Criminal lawyer

Criminal lawyer. The list of exclusive powers of the legal profession is to assist individuals - individuals and legal, as in conducting investigations and in court proceedings. One of the areas of advocacy, characterized by demand for, and requires deep professional knowledge - legal aid in the form of protection and representation in criminal proceedings.

Criminal lawyer will have qualified legal assistance at all stages of criminal proceedings and effectively protect you from unjustified prosecution. We know that no hopeless situations!

  Why is it better to take the help of an experienced lawyer ? Often citizens do not have the appropriate legal education do not realize the complexity of the issue and overestimate their powers. Many initially attempt to take steps aimed at helping the accused, thereby once again confirm that amateurism is not only useless, and sometimes harmful.

  So bad, if the accused is really guilty. Invalid -built line of defense and the principle of lawyer misconduct homebrew, not having the experience and practice of law, in this case at least obey the famous "do no harm." Difficult to imagine the consequences of legal ignorance, if using it will have to send an innocent in jail, given that criminal articles provide considerable time.

  Important: as the base, allowing participation of counsel in a criminal case is an order. Document Law prescribes education. Basis for issuing the warrant - the agreement between the Principal (the person who needs legal assistance) and lawyer. As principal, we represent in criminal proceedings, may make the accused (suspect, accused, convicted ), the private prosecutor, victim, witness, civil plaintiff, civil defendant.