Free lawyers

Free lawyers is a lawyer appointed by the person under investigation by the investigator (investigator) or the defendant by the court, if such persons by virtue of their financial position is not able to pay for a lawyer under the agreement. Free expression of citizens lawyer used in common parlance. Correct to call a lawyer provided free - appointed counsel.

In the U.S. and some European countries have free assistance to low-income young (union) lawyers do not already have sufficient experience and practical knowledge. In Russia, as in many European countries, lawyers intended act all lawyers, regardless of their experience.

Free lawyers is free to citizens who need skilled defender. But his lawyer services paid by the state, although in a meager amount. Size attorney's fees to the destination depends on the type of case, its complexity and other factors and is regulated by a Government Regulation.

Lawyers demanded to shirk duty by appointment. At the same time, many lawyers, especially in the provinces in the ground and make the works as intended.

Many qualified lawyers provide protection for other purposes at least in principle, than by agreement.