Divorce lawyers

Divorce lawyers will provide you with inexpensive full range of legal services in this area:- Dissolution of marriage (divorce );
- Division of marital property;
- Allocation of marital share;
- Definition of the communication with the child;
- Definition of the place of residence of the child;
- Recovery of maintenance for the minor children, participation in additional costs;
- Alimony for the spouse ( for the period of disability spouse, until the child reaches the age of three, for the spouse who has reached retirement age, etc.);
- Challenging paternity/maternity;
- Termination of parental rights.

Divorce lawyers cases will deal divorce with minimal cost and guarantees full respect for your rights.
Divorce between spouses - is one of the most difficult psychologically category of civil cases before the courts. No consent to a divorce, the dispute about children, joint property give rise to conflict, which is usually significantly affects the quality of life not only spouses, but also their children, parents and other relatives. In addition, divorce leads to such consequences as division of marital property, alimony one of the spouses, the decision on the possibility of the spouses with children, etc. Spouses, when there is a conflict, these issues will not be able to solve. In this regard, we recommend that you hire a lawyer immediately divorce. since in the presence of qualified legal aid your legal rights and interests are met. Due to the fact that divorce - this unpleasant event, which is not without saying insults and accusations, complaints and resentment, quarrels and scandals, at your request can be made divorce without the presence of one of the spouses.