Motorcycle lawyer

Why "Motorcycle Lawyer"?Motorcycle riding creates problems that remain face, travels exclusively on four wheels are hidden.The driver can take the street in need of rehabilitation,which was corrected with the generous use of bitumen,with a shrug of the note.Motorcyclist sees the situation differently.

Also gravel is not a problem for the driver,while two-wheeler driver in a sweat.

Brakes in an inclined position,is probably completely unknown terrain for those who did not sit in the saddle motorcycle before.

Sometimes even the courts are taken by us incomprehensible ways of thinking.Such as when a motorcyclist in an accident that reason alone reduced the requirement or regulation is all denied,because the operating risk while riding a motorcycle is higher than other road users.True to the motto:".Motorcycling is dangerous and who is in danger,that comes to him"

The focus of motorcycle lawyer interests lie in

- The law of motion and
- Criminal Law.