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Rabo Largo Sheep

Rabo Largo, meaning broad tail, are found in northeastern Brazil. They originated from fat-tailed hair breeds which were brought from Africa and crossed with the native Crioulo.

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Racka Sheep

The Racka is a unique breed with both ewes and rams possessing long spiral shaped horns. The breed is of the Zackel type and originated in Hungary. The breed is used for milk, wool and meat production. Mature males may have horns as long as two feet or more. The minimum standard length is given as 50 cm (20 inches) for rams and 30 cm (12-15 inches) for ewes.

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Rahmani Sheep

The Rahmani originated in northern Syria and northern Turkey and was introduced into Egypt in the 9th century. The original stock is the Red Karman from Turkey. The breed is named after Rahmania, a village in the Beheira Governorate in the North of the Delta.

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Rambouillet Sheep

The Rambouillet is the "backbone" of the American Sheep Industry, forming the foundation of most western range flocks and raised throughout the United States. The Rambouillet descends entirely from the Spanish Merino. In fact, it is the French version of the Merino developed when Louis XVI imported 386 Spanish Merinos in 1786 for his estate at Rambouillet.

Red Engadine  Sheep list R

Red Engadine Sheep

Red Engadine sheep orginated in Switzerland in Lower Engadin and in the bordering Tirolian and Bavarian valleys. They originate from local varieties, from the Stone Sheep and the Bergamask sheep. They are medium to large framed and are distinguished by their ram nose and their long, hanging ears.

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Red Masai Sheep

Red Masai are an East African fat-tailed type of hair sheep used for meat production. They are found in northern Tanzania, south central Kenya, and Uganda.

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Rhoen Sheep

One of the oldest landraces in Germany was mentioned in 1844 in the files of the convent of Fulda: “The common sheep of the Rhoen farmer is a normal German sheep with peculiar characteristics, which even in foreign countries is known as Rhöenschaf. It is yellow-white with a black hornless head and is clothed in coarse, non-elastic wool, with little crimp. Its body is large, the bones are strong, and it lends itself to fattening.”

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Rideau Sheep

Rideau sheep are one of three Canadian breeds. Their development began in 1968 at Agriculture Canada's Animal Research Centre in Ottawa when the Centre's Suffolk, Shropshire, and Dorset sheep were combined with imported breeds: Finnish Landrace and East Friesian. In 1974, the Rideau was closed to the introduction of new genetic material.

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Romanov Sheep

The Romanov sheep breed originated in the Volga Valley, northeast of Moscow. The name “Romanov” comes from the old royal family of Russia. These sheep were first noticed in the 18th century, and were later imported into Germany and then France. In 1980, the Canadian government brought in 14 Romanov ewes and 4 rams for testing and put them into quarantine for 5 years. After that, some were brought to the United States

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Romney Sheep

The Romney is truly a versatile breed, as demonstrated by its ability to produce quality meat and wool under diverse climate conditions and management systems. It is so-named for the Romney Marsh region in Kent, England where it was developed as a dual purpose sheep. Due to the extreme geographic and climatic conditions of the region, Romney sheep developed some specific breed characteristics which include hooves which are resistant to footrot and fleeces which remain heavy in harsh weather.

Rouge de l'Ouest  Sheep list R

Rouge de l'Ouest Sheep

The Rouge is a medium sized breed of excellent conformation without excessive bone. As its name suggests, its head, which is hornless, can vary from pink to deep red and is covered with fine hair. The breed is strong and deep through the chest with good length in back and loin, but it is the exceptional hind quarters and muscling that are immediately recognized as the powerhouse of the Rouge.

Rough Fell  Sheep list R

Rough Fell Sheep

The Rough Fell is an exceptionally docile sheep that excels in hardiness and has no equal in its power to exist under adverse conditions.

Roussin  Sheep list R

Roussin Sheep

Roussin Sheep were developed from, the Brittany Heath Sheep. Dishley Leicester and the Southdown. In the 1960's the breed was improved using Suffolk and Avranchin. In 1977, the breed was closed and the characteristics established. The main areas in France the Roussin are the Cherbourg peninsular, Normandy, and Brittany. The French sheep breeds tend to stay in their local areas. However Roussin Rams have been taken down to the Carmangue to be used on the feral sheep to produce fat lambs off the salt marsh.

Royal White  Sheep list R

Royal White Sheep

The Royal White® is a new breed of hair sheep privately funded and developed by William Hoag, of Dorpcroix Sheep Farm in Hermeleigh, Texas. The breed is a cross between the Dorper and St. Croix.

Ryeland  Sheep list R

Ryeland Sheep

Ryelands are a white-faced, polled (no horns), small to medium sized, down-type breed whose antecedents were developed by monks at Leominster in the rye growing district of Herefordshire, England, in the 15th Century. It was one of the breeds used to introduce the poll gene to the Dorset breed in the development of the Poll Dorset. The Ryeland breed first came to New Zealand in 1903 and later to Australia.