Lacaune  Sheep list L

Lacaune Sheep

The Lacaune is the most numerous sheep breed in France. It has been selected in France for increased milk production under a sophisticated selection program incorporating artificial insemination, milk recording, and progeny testing of sires for longer than any other dairy sheep breed in the world.

Landschaf  Sheep list L

Landschaf Sheep

This member of the heath-sheep landrace is a cross between German and Dutch heath sheep and a marsh sheep. Since 1934, it has been bred in the northern German Emsland area, especially in the county of Bentheim. The highly endangered, frugal Bentheimer Landschaf is used for landscape preservation. It is the largest of the German heath and moor sheep with long legs and hard hoofs.

Leicester Longwool  Sheep list L

Leicester Longwool Sheep

The Leicester Longwool was important to the development of other long wool breeds and has made a large contribution to the sheep industries in Australia and New Zealand. The breed originated in the Leicester region of England and although it is a very old breed, Robert Bakewell, a pioneer in the field of animal genetics, is given credit for improving it during the 18th century.

Leine  Sheep list L

Leine Sheep

The Leine breed comes from the region of Nordheim (Hannover), in particular from the Leine river valley (hence the name).

Limousine  Sheep list L

Limousine Sheep

Limousine sheep orginated in the region of France which gave them their name.

Lincoln  Sheep list L

Lincoln Sheep

The Lincoln is one of the world's largest breeds of sheep. Its fleece is the heaviest, longest-stapled and most lustrous of any breed in the world.

Lleyn  Sheep list L

Lleyn Sheep

Lleyn sheep originate from the Lleyn peninsula in Wales and until recently were a relatively unfamiliar breed of sheep in the UK. Over the past 10 years the Lleyn breed has caught the eye of many farmers, and now Lleyn sheep can be found almost all over the Country.The Lleyn ewe is renowned for her tremendous mothering ability, ease of lambing, longevity, and prolificacy.

Lonk  Sheep list L

Lonk Sheep

The Lonk has been bred on the Lancashire and Yorkshire Pennines from time immemoria. It is an aristocrat by virtue of origins as ancient as the hills on which it roams. It is one of the largest native hill breeds in England. The face is pure black and white, and the legs are speckled black and white. Both sexes are horned.