Icelandic  Sheep list I

Icelandic Sheep

The modern Icelandic Sheep is a direct descendant of the sheep brought to Iceland by the early Viking settlers in the ninth and tenth century. They are of the North European Short Tailed type, related to such breeds as the Finnsheep, Romanov, and Shetland. A major gene controlling prolificacy has been identified in the Icelandic breed. This gene exhibits action similar to the gene found in the Booroola Merino.

Ile de France  Sheep list I

Ile de France Sheep

The Ile de France is the result of crossing the English Leicester and the Rambouillet. The breed was originally known as the Dishley Merino.

Imroz  Sheep list I

Imroz Sheep

The Imrov is among the smallest sheep breeds in Turkey. They are raised for meat, milk, and wool. Animals are predominantly white, with black marks around the mouth, nose and eyes, on the ears and rarely on the tip of the legs.

INRA 401  Sheep list I

INRA 401 Sheep

The creation of the INRA 401 sheep bloodline began in France in 1970, after a series of experiments crossing the Berrichon du Cher x Romanov which began in 1963 with the Romanov breed.