Old Norwegian  Sheep list O

Old Norwegian Sheep

The Old Norwegian Sheep is a small primitive type of sheep which inhabited Norway and the rest of Scandinavia as well, including Iceland and Faeroes. Probably only the feral Soay Sheep of St. Kilda are more primitive. The sheep are small framed, with good legs and a fleece varying in colour from almost white to greyish, dark brown, badger-faced, muflon pattern and black.

Ossimi  Sheep list O

Ossimi Sheep

The Ossimi breed originated in the Ossim village in the Giza Governorate of Egypt and is the most popular among the Nile and Delta sheep breeds. It is thought to be expanding its range at the expense of other breeds.

Ouessant  Sheep list O

Ouessant Sheep

The Ouessant is one of the smallest sheep breeds in the world. They originated on Ile d'Ouessant, a small island off the coast of Brittany, France.

Oxford  Sheep list O

Oxford Sheep

The Oxford or "Oxford Down," originated in Oxford County, England. The breed was the result of crossing Cotswolds and Hampshires. It has been contented that very early in the development of the Oxford breed, a small amount of Southdown blood was introduced. The breed has never become prominent outside of its own native area in England. Oxfords have been exported to many major sheep countries.