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A Shropshire Lad Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                A Shropshire Lad Climbing
A versatile rose, closely related to Leander from which it inherits its vigorous, healthy and almost thornless growth. It is an excellent climber, well suited to growing on a small arch, rose pillar or a wall. Extremely tough, reliable and healthy. The flowers are a soft peachy-pink and have a slightly cupped rosette formation. There is a deliciously fruity fragrance in the tea rose tradition. Up to 8 ft.
Alba Maxima - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Alba Maxima
The 'Jacobite Rose'. The rose most frequently found in old gardens, being a great survivor, even under difficult conditions. Full and slightly informal double flowers; blush-tinted at first, later creamy-white. Very fragrant. Once flowering, but a lovely, garden-worthy variety.
Alexine - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Alexine
This variety has strong stems with good even truss clusters that are highly prized in spray rose varieties with its firm buds of a light champagne cream colour and large leaves that have an attractive “feathery” serration along their margin.
Amuse - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Amuse
This variety has very tall buds of a noval greenish cream colour with just a hint of smudged pink on the margin that as it slowly opens reveals a soft pink heart.
Antique - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Antique
A medium sized firm tear drop shaped bud with each petal of this two toned variety having a musk -lilac outer side and a beige - lilac inner petal, giving this rose a unique and earthy appearance. This variety has become a wedding favourite.
Babe - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Babe
This spray has a good cluster of star shaped blooms of a mid orange and long thornless stems.
Bonica - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Bonica
An excellent shrub bearing sprays of attractive, small rose-pink flowers, in dainty clusters. Nice, tidy, spreading growth, with ample foliage. This variety is hardy, repeats well and has little disease. 4 ft. x 5 ft. (Meilland 1981). 4 ft. X 5 ft.
Camaieux - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Camaieux
A fascinating variety; white flowers, heavily striped and splashed with crimson. The stripes fade at first to magenta and then to lilac-grey. Beautiful in all its stages. Neat formation.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Charles Rennie Mackintosh
The colour of this rose varies between lilac and lilac-pink, according to the weather conditions. The flowers are a neat, cupped shape and are produced freely and continuously on a tough, thorny bushy plant with an Old Rose fragrance. A useful colour for mixing with roses of other shades, both in flower arrangements and in the border. Named for the Scottish architect, artist and designer. May benefit from summer pruning in warmer areas. 4.5 ft. x 3 ft.
Chianti - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Chianti
This excellent Shrub Rose has much in common with Constance Spry; in fact some people prefer it for its more tidy habit of growth. The flowers are large and cupped at first, opening to form a Gallica-like rosette of deep crimson, which turns with age to a beautiful purplish-maroon. These are freely produced on a shapely shrub. It has a strong Old Rose fragrance, typical of a dark Gallica rose. Deserves to be more widely grown. Once flowering only. 6 ft x 5 ft.
Claire Austin Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Claire Austin Climbing
There is something a little special about white roses – they are all purity and light – and yet really good white roses are rare among English Roses and Hybrid Tea Roses alike. This is because white roses are very difficult to breed. ‘Claire Austin’ bears pleasingly cupped buds of a pale lemon shade which gradually open to form large, creamy-white flowers of typical English Musk delicacy; their petals perfectly arranged in concentric circles, with a few more loosely arranged in the centre. They have a strong fragrance based on myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, vanilla and heliotrope. It forms an elegant, arching shrub with plentiful, medium green foliage. Strong and particularly healthy. Undoubtedly our finest white rose to date. Claire Austin is David Austin’s daughter. She has a nursery in the UK which specialises in hardy plants, including the country’s finest collection of irises, peonies and day lilies. 8 ft. as a climber.
Comte de Chambord - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Comte de Chambord
A most charming and beautiful rose that repeats well, making it ideal for a small garden. Full-petalled, warm pink flowers, opening flat and and quartered. It has a good fragrance. 4 ft. x 3 ft. (Moreau-Robert 1860).
Constance Spry Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Constance Spry Climbing
One of the most superb of all climbing roses. A beautiful rose with magnificent, clear pink blooms of true Old Rose form. The flowers are exceptionally large, with a luminous delicacy that is hard to compare with any other rose. It has a strong myrrh fragrance and was the first English Rose to be introduced with this scent. 12 ft high as a climber.
Creamy Twister - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Creamy Twister
A small flowered spray with many buds of a bi-coloured cream with a pink margin that flecks into the middle of the petal giving the appearance of a cream bud that opens into a pink bloom.
Crown Princess Margareta Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Crown Princess Margareta Climbing
A superb variety with large, neatly-formed rosettes of a lovely apricot-orange. It has a strong, fruity fragrance of the tea rose type. This rose is tough, vigorous and healthy. Ideal for walls, arches, rose pillars and trellis. 9 - 11 ft. as a climber.
Dark Hypnose - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Dark Hypnose
This variety is an intriguing mutation of Hypnose. Dark Hypnose appears in sharp contrast with its rich shade of burgundy combined with a dark shade of rose creating a fascinating combination when used together in floral design with Hypnose.
Deep Purple - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Deep Purple
A striking dark mauve bud that slowly opens into a lighter royal purple bloom; a intriguing novel colour that will surely grab attention.
Delaqua - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Delaqua
A tall cylindrical bud of a mid lilac with pink over tones that slowly opens into a star shaped pinked lilac bloom.
Double Delight - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Double Delight
Category Bush Roses (Hybrid Tea Roses)
Eden - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Eden
Category Climbing and Rambler Roses
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