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A Shropshire Lad Climbing

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A Shropshire Lad Climbing

A versatile rose, closely related to Leander from which it inherits its vigorous, healthy and almost thornless growth. It is an excellent climber, well suited to growing on a small arch, rose pillar or a wall. Extremely tough, reliable and healthy. The flowers are a soft peachy-pink and have a slightly cupped rosette formation. There is a deliciously fruity fragrance in the tea rose tradition. Up to 8 ft.

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses

Color Peachy Pink

Flower Type Double/Full Bloom

Size Short Climber

Hardiness Hardy

Repeating Good

Special Characteristics Strong arching growth

A Shropshire Lad Climbing Alexine Iceberg
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Alexine Camaieux Lovely Lydia
Amuse Violetta Rosa Mundi

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