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Bull Terrier  dog
Bull Terrier  dog
Bull Terrier  dog

Bull Terrier

Bull Terrier Temperament

If you are seeking a dog that is big in personality, the Bull Terrier is the one for you. With their playful nature, they can get into trouble if they are not stimulated throughout the day. They are full of life and adore exercising and getting plenty of activity, while still being a very loving and sweet natured canine at the same time. Friendly with strangers that may enter their homes and with children, they are not so welcoming when encountered with other dogs or even small vermin that may cross their paths. Following suit with their rough personalities, they can be a challenge to train as pups.

Bull Terrier Upkeep

The Bull Terrier is one that will need to have a daily agenda, be that one that is physical and mental. They get bored easily and will require a form of stimulating themselves, by going outside to play for a bit or by providing them with plenty of toys to amuse themselves with all day long. They make exceptional companions for runners and they do prefer to reside indoors even though they can withstand a wide range of temperatures. Grooming their fur coats requires minimal efforts on a weekly basis as it generally takes care of itself.

Bull Terrier Health

Given the Bull Terrier is bred in many different fur coat shades, they can range in health issues for that reason. The white Terriers tend to have health developments such as losing their hearing more often than the ones with a bit of color on their fur coats. Kidney problems and heart ailments can develop in this breed as well. Some compulsive traits and allergies have been noted by experts with the Terriers as well. In rare occurrences they can also develop patellar luxation at times. The vet may advise certain screening tests as they age such as ones to check for any issues with their hearing, thyroid gland, kidneys and their heart. Average weight for a full grown Bull Terrier can reach between fifty and seventy pounds depending on the dog and which sex they are as the females tend to be slightly smaller. Average height is just under two feet tall and they have a recorded general lifespan of eleven to fourteen years.

Bull Terrier History

Quite some time ago, the forms of entertainment for the general public to amuse themselves with came in the form of watching dog shows, hunting with dogs and watching dogs fight. The Bull Terrier is one of those breeds that was popular for entertaining others by baiting bull and even combating with other canines. They were derived from a cross breeding with a Bulldog and the English Terrier to create one exceptional fighting canine. Once dog fighting became frowned upon, the Bull Terrier lost some of its fame. The unique appearance of the all white Bull Terrier came from a breeder named James Hinks in 1860 by crossing a Dalmatian with a White English Terrier. Their distinguished look gained many fans quickly and they earned the nickname the White Cavalier. Getting their recognition from the AKC in 1936, their facial expressions and fun loving attitudes has made them a family favorite breed recently, with the unique white ones being more popular than the others.