Ibizin Hound Dog list I

Ibizin Hound Dog

The Ibizin Hound is a hunter, enjoying the chase when it comes to small creatures. They are clam indoors, and make a nice family dog.

Icelandic Sheepdog Dog list I

Icelandic Sheepdog Dog

The Icelandic Sheepdog is a tough breed to contain as they have endless energy and a need to dig, jump, and climb.

Illyrian Sheepdog Dog list I

Illyrian Sheepdog Dog

Commonly referred to as the Sarplaninac, this ancient livestock guardian originated in Yugoslavia. Until 1970 this breed could not be legally exported from their native country.

Irish Red and White Setter Dog list I

Irish Red and White Setter Dog

The Irish Red and White Setter needs quite a bit of room to run around as they are rather energetic. They also need regular grooming to avoid mats and tangles in their fur.

Irish Setter Dog list I

Irish Setter Dog

The Irish Setter is a very energetic canine that requires lots of exercize. Given that, they are one of the most affectionate and loving breeds around.

Irish Terrier Dog list I

Irish Terrier Dog

The Irish Terrier is a playful, intense dog that enjoys daily exercize. They love to run and hunt, but when indoors they are quite tame.

Irish Water Spaniel Dog list I

Irish Water Spaniel Dog

The Irish Spaniel is an outgoing, fun dog to have in the family once they've been trained up firmly. They are clownish and independent, so they can be a little unruly at times.

Irish Wolfhound Dog list I

Irish Wolfhound Dog

The Irish Wolfhound is a gentle and loving canine, despite it's large size. With low energy, this breed can be a great family dog.

Italian Greyhound Dog list I

Italian Greyhound Dog

The Italian Greyhound is a lively little breed, with lots of energy to burn. They can make a graet family dog, although they are known to injure themselves from playing too hard with children.

Italian Spinone Dog list I

Italian Spinone Dog

Relatively uncommon and unheard of in the United States, the Italian Spinone breed is an ancient breed of Pointer and Retriever. The ancestry of this breed traces back to 500 B.C.