Kai  Dog list K

Kai Dog

Originating in Japan, this ancient breed was utilized as a hunting dog of wild boar and deer. The Kai is rare and difficult to obtain. Previously considered too primitive to function as a family pet, they have proven to be amiable companions. They were designated as a "natural monument" in Japan in 1934.

Karelian Bear  Dog list K

Karelian Bear Dog

Originating in Finland, the Karelian Bear Dog is a member of the Spitz family. They are highly prized by huntsmen who use this breed to hunt moose, deer, elk, wolf, and hare.

Keeshond Dog list K

Keeshond Dog

The Keeshond makes for a wonderful household dog. They are calm but playful, and are gentle with both childeren and adults.

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog list K

Kerry Blue Terrier Dog

The Kerry Blue Terrier is a versatile breed, with the ability to hunt, be a great companion, or protect. With a daily walk, they generally do just fine indoors.

Komondor Dog list K

Komondor Dog

The Komondor's unique hair style should not deter the fact that it is an aggressive, fearless protector and watchdog. They enjoy being responsible for another party, as they are natural herders.

Kooikerhondje Dog list K

Kooikerhondje Dog

This rare breed originated in the Netherlands in the 1500s. Kooikerhondje's were used to decoy and hunt ducks. After World War II the Kooikerhondje became nearly extinct.

Korean Jindo  Dog list K

Korean Jindo Dog

The Jindo is best known for their watchdog abilites, being able to easily tell the difference between a family member and a stranger. However, they're very loving to their owner and tend to enjoy water quite a bit.

Kuvasz Dog list K

Kuvasz Dog

The Kuvasz is a tough, strong breed that is protective of it's family and owners. They are generally calm, but can be aggresive with other dogs.