Thai Ridgeback Dog list T

Thai Ridgeback Dog

Considered to be one of the oldest breeds, the Thai Ridgeback originated in Thailand. Used as a hunter, watchdog, and family protector, this breed is exceedingly rare outside of their native country. Due to a lack of human interaction and isolation this breed remains largely undomesticated and independent.

Tibetan Mastiff Dog list T

Tibetan Mastiff Dog

The Tibetan Mastiff is a territorial, independent dog, fitting of its history as a protector. They require lots of socialization in order for them to accept strangers.

Tibetan Spaniel Dog list T

Tibetan Spaniel Dog

The Tibetan Spaniel is a loving, energetic small breed. They are stubborn and independent, but are very attached to their owner.

Tibetan Terrier Dog list T

Tibetan Terrier Dog

The Tibetan Terrier is a calm and gentle companion. Happy indoors or out, they are an amiable canine.

Tosa Inu Dog list T

Tosa Inu Dog

A very bold, fearless, and courageous breed, the Tosa Inu is quick to learn and obey his master. Affectionate, and friendly, this breed can be somewhat wary of strangers but will warm up if given the opportunity.

Toy American Eskimo  Dog list T

Toy American Eskimo Dog

The Toy American Eskimo Dog is much like the Standard with regard to its characteristics. Bright, fun, and a great family dog.

Toy Fox Terrier Dog list T

Toy Fox Terrier Dog

The Toy Fox Terrier is a hunting dog by nature and is very curious and energetic as a result. They are an extremley loving, fun breed for the family, or for a single owner.

Toy Manchester Terrier Dog list T

Toy Manchester Terrier Dog

This is a gentle, shy breed that makes for a great family dog. They can be scrappy, but are calm and timid, for the most part.

Toy Poodle Dog list T

Toy Poodle Dog

Toy Poodles may be small, but they have big smarts. They are one of the easiest breeds to train, and are filled with affection for their owners.

Treeing Tennessee Brindle Dog list T

Treeing Tennessee Brindle Dog

Originating in the United States of America, the Treeing Tennessee Brindle breed is a favorite hunting companion. Noted for their powerful scenting abilities, this breed is highly skilled in trailing, locating, and treeing squirrels and raccoons.

Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog list T

Treeing Walker Coonhound Dog

Originating in the United States, this hunting and working breed was developed in the 1800's. The Treeing Walker Coonhound is the most prominent of the walker hounds. Their distinctive melodic howl and ability to virtually climb a tree to get their prey makes them favored by walking hunters.