Boston Terrier dog Boston Terrier dog
Boston Terrier dog
Boston Terrier dog
Boston Terrier dog

Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier Temperament

Very in tune with their owners, the Boston Terrier is a pleasing type of canine. They make exceptional watchdogs and due to their small size, cannot generally be depended upon for any protective abilities. They are extremely friendly creatures, even open and playful with other animals, pets and little ones. They are very well behaved canines, and can get very active when taken outside to play. They are intelligent dogs, but can be on the stubborn side so training as a pup should be simple if done properly. Depending on the size and demeanor of the other dog, at times the Boston Terrier can become reserved when engaging with other dogs in their homes.

Boston Terrier Upkeep

The Boston Terrier is a fairly active animal that will enjoy being with their owners and families more than anything else. They are not the type of dog that will enjoy spending time by themselves as they adore being engaged with people. They love a good game that gets them involved in any way and they also enjoy walking on a leash with their families as well. This is not a dog that should ever reside outdoors alone, they do not bode a great tolerance to warm or cold climates and should reside in the home. They bode a very easy fur coat to care for, only requiring minimal brushing when needed.

Boston Terrier Health

No major health issue to report for the Boston Terrier, as they generally are quite healthy creatures. Some minor things they can develop are patellar luxation, allergies and an elongated soft palate. They can also develop stenotic nares, hearing loss, cataracts, seizures and demodicosis. The vet may require a few simple screening tests as the Boston Terrier ages, to evaluate their hips, eyesight and knees. The average lifespan of this breed is from ten to fourteen years long. They generally weigh anywhere from ten to twenty five pounds as full grown dogs. On a side note, the Boston Terrier does not adapt well in the heat, they can also not do well under anesthesia.

Boston Terrier History

Deriving from what experts think is a breeding done with a English Terrier and a Bulldog, the Boston Terrier originated in the 18th century in Boston. They grew in popularity through word of mouth by those involved in the American Bull Terrier Club and by the late 1800's they were a household name. They were given their AKC recognition in 1893, which has only since fueled their popularity in the United States ever since. They are still one of the most sought after breeds in America today, and have been for decades. While their fur coat colors and markings have not had any significant effect on their popularity at all. Their endless determination and livelihood has shown they are much like their Bulldog roots, and very pleasant house dogs. Their AKC ranking is 18 and they have been known as ratting dogs that also make very simple companions for just about any living situation.