Toy Poodle dog Toy Poodle dog
Toy Poodle dog
Toy Poodle dog
Toy Poodle dog

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle Temperament

The Toy Poodle is a perky and somewhat high maintenance canine to own. They bode friendly attitude that can easily get through their early training years as a puppy. They have loads of energy and can be very active. They are sensitive around other strangers and pets they can be rather friendly and open to engage. While they make exceptional watchdogs, the Toy Poodle is not very well-versed at protecting themselves, or their families, mostly due to their small size. Extremely affectionate and able to reside with a very active family with ease, the Toy Poodle is a canine that is full of spunk and a popular show dog as well.

Toy Poodle Upkeep

While the Toy Poodle is very popular for their unusual appearance, they can be a lot to care for when their signature look requires so much grooming. If you're Toy Poodle is a show dog, they often bode a defined curly tail and shaved legs that many leave to a professional groomer to tend to. Being a friendly breed of canines, they enjoy a lot of human engagement. They love to play with their families and they will need mental stimulation as well. They are energetic, but only need a simple walk to fulfill that craving each day. They have a very specific type of fur coat that will need groomed at least once per week, and when they begin a shedding season they will require additional care for their fur. Their fur tends to not shed as other dog's coats do as the Toy Poodle's become tangled in the rest of their fur versus falling to the floor. They should also not be in a residential setting that requires outdoor living all the time as they are not a suitable dog for this type of setting.

Toy Poodle Health Concerns

The Toy Poodle can develop a few health ailments such as PRA, patellar luxation, epilepsy and Legg-Perthes disease. Some minor ailments can be cataracts, trichiasis, entropion, lacrimal duct atresia and in rare occasions, they can develop intervertebral disk degeneration as well. Screening recommended by the vet for a Toy Poodle as they age can be for their eyesight, knees and hips. The average lifespan of this type of breed is from twelve to fifteen years long.

Toy Poodle History

The Toy Poodle originated from Germany and parts of Central Europe in the 15th century. They are commonly referred to as a dog from France, but they actually have been noted to have derived from somewhere in Asia by experts. The name Poodle came from German word "pfudel" which is defined as a puddle or as the act of splashing. They have been known to be exceptional water retrieving dogs and have been utilized for their skills in the military and in the circus as well. They make wonderful companions and have also been referred to as the Barbone and the Caniche. Very affectionate and playful, they have become one of the most favored household pets. Many people thought the German Shepherd was related closely to the wolf since it slightly resembles one. The truth is that its a more recently developed breed and is not related closer to a wolf then any other breed of dog. It was at one time called the Alsatian Wolfdog, but this caused many people to fear the dog, so the name was dropped. German Shepherds excelled at being police dogs and in World War I they servered as war sentries. It's proven capable as a police dog, guard dog, narcotics or explosive detecting dog, search and rescue dog, war dog and shepherd.