Manchester Terrier dog Manchester Terrier dog
Manchester Terrier dog
Manchester Terrier dog
Manchester Terrier dog

Manchester Terrier

Manchester Terrier Temperament

The Manchester Terrier is one that is sly and very tidy, in which many experts have said they actually resemble a cat with their mannerisms. On the quiet side with strangers that may enter their homes, they do tend to be excellent watchdogs making their first priority to protect their families. Often mistaken for a Doberman, they have a stern look to them but in reality are very affectionate and loving creatures. They thoroughly enjoy a great adventure and love being by their owner's side. Some, but not all of them do bark on occasion. They are extremely adaptable to warm climates and not as well in the colder ones. They do not exactly enjoy being around other dogs and can be a challenge to train even as puppies.

Manchester Terrier Upkeep

Very intelligent is the Manchester Terrier and they adore a great hunt or chase. That craving for adventure is what the owner will need to keep up with residing with one of these dogs. They need to exert themselves at some point during the day and may not be well behaved if they do not receive that type of exercise. While they can survive outdoors rather well, they are the type of canine that prefers to reside with their families indoors. They are also the kind of dog that likes to sleep comfortably and in a cozy place. They have a fur coat that requires regular brushing, but no major grooming needs are required.

Manchester Terrier Health Concerns

One great aspect of being the proud owner of a Manchester Terrier is that they generally do not have any major health issues as they age. In some dogs they can develop cardiomyopathy, vWD and an overactive thyroid gland as well. In rare occasions they can also develop Legg-Perthes and PRA. Some have also experienced issues with patellar luxation. The vet may recommend certain screening for your Manchester Terrier as time goes on to ensure their eyesight is top notch, the DNA evaluations and for their hips as well. The average lifespan of this breed is from fifteen to sixteen years long, much longer than the majority of other canines. The generally weigh twelve to twenty two pounds as full grown dogs.

Manchester Terrier History

Originating all the way back to the 15th century, the Manchester Terrier was rather popular in England. They were derived from a cross breeding involving a Black and Tan and a Whippet canine. It was the exact vision the breeder John Hulme had for the Manchester breed to have both of the abilities to not only hunt and kill rats, but to be extremely fast as well. They were eventually given their name in 1860, and went on to be a very adored breed in Manchester, England. They have been previously referred to as Black and Tan Terriers and have had a reputation for hunting rabbits with ease also. Ear cropping while it is permitted to be performed in the standard version currently, is one of the only methods of recognizing a Manchester Terrier from its siblings in the Terrier breed.