American Foxhound dog American Foxhound dog
American Foxhound dog
American Foxhound dog
American Foxhound dog

American Foxhound

American Foxhound Temperament

The American Foxhound is a scent hound that is excellent at residing with other pets. It bodes a great deal of friendliness toward other people and even strangers that many enter the home. Generally speaking, the vast majority of foxhounds are not wonderful house pets, but this variation is a good choice for that type of environment. It does enjoy having some form of company whether it is from another dog or a human. Gentle creatures that are also exceptional watchdogs at the same time. It can bay on occasion, but the American Foxhound is a dog that will need some attention and need to be able to have the freedom to roam and run in a large area.

American Foxhound Upkeep

While they will need to be able to exercise daily, they can be suffice with a walk just as much. Keep it on the leash at the very least until you feel your American Foxhound is trained enough to roam without running. They are comfortable residing outdoors and can easily fit into a cold or hot climate. They cannot and should not live alone, ever. They do enjoy that companionship so much that they may seem needy when the owners enter the home to provide them with some form of attention. Their fur coats do not require a lot of maintenance, they basically need the weekly grooming as any dog would to rid of dead flyaway hairs.

American Foxhound Health Concerns

This breed is one healthy hound form. While other dogs can run into all sorts of health concerns such as losing their eyesight and problems with their joints and eve some cardiac issues, the American Foxhound does not have any common health concerns. In some rare occasions that can develop a condition called thrombopathy. Some vets may require a blood test as the dog ages, to eliminate any concerns. The average lifespan for an American Foxhound is eleven to thirteen years long. They are generally anywhere from forty to sixty five pounds as adults.

American Foxhound History

The 1600’s is when the first finding of an American Foxhound was discovered. These scent hounds were a favorite with George Washington himself, and began being pedigreed in the United States around the mid 1800’s. They went on to increase in popularity in the southern states of the Untied States, primarily in Kentucky and Tennessee. They are fantastic runners that are great for hunting, chasing and they even had the ability to kill a fox on their own. The Walker strain stems from the state of Tennessee and were at one time notable for chasing deer. Once a man named George Washington Mauphin, he began to produce the foxhounds and some even refer to him to this day as the founder of the American Foxhound breed. They have become a registered animal and there are several books written describing the breed in better detail. This playful, energetic and exceptional trailing dog is a favorite as one of America’s most beloved house hounds.