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Aloha - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Aloha
A short climber bearing large and cupped, pink ‘old fashioned’ flowers, with a very strong fragrance. Free flowering. 7 or 8 ft. (Boerner 1949).
Amuse - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Amuse
This variety has very tall buds of a noval greenish cream colour with just a hint of smudged pink on the margin that as it slowly opens reveals a soft pink heart.
Anne Boleyn - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Anne Boleyn
An exceptionally free-flowering variety with quite short, arching growth. The flowers are of nice rosette shape and of a soft, warm pink. They are produced in quite large sprays, with remarkable continuity. It has soft green, highly polished foliage. The whole impression of this rose is one of a pleasing freshness. There is a light fragrance. A lovely rose for the border or may be grown in a large pot or container.
Barbara Austin - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Barbara Austin
A charming rose of true ‘Old Rose’ character. The flowers are of a rather informal rosette shape and of the most delicate blush pink colouring. These are held on a shrubby, twiggy plant that is upright at first but gradually arches over. Named after David Austin's sister who, together with her husband, is proprietor of West Kington Nurseries.
Belle Story - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Belle Story
Category English Roses (English Rose Collection)
Bishop's Castle - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Bishop's Castle
The flowers are a pure shade of rich rose pink that pales only slightly in the sun. They are shallowly cupped, very fully double with a central button eye and are held attractively above the rounded bushy growth. It is very healthy. It would make an excellent choice for rose beds and borders, mixed in with perennials. With its neat bushy habit and excellent repeat-flowering it would also make a superb hedge. There is very good Old Rose fragrance. Bishop’s Castle is a small town. A castle was built there in 1087 to protect the English border.
Brother Cadfael  - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Brother Cadfael
Giant and globular, clear pink flowers - almost like peonies. These are never clumsy and are nicely held on a substantial shrub, with flowers, leaves and growth all in proportion. Later blooms may be a little smaller. There is a particularly strong and rich Old Rose fragrance, similiar to some of the Old Bourbon Roses. Named after the medieval hero in the Ellis Peters detective stories, which are set in the same area as our nursery. In warmer areas the growth can be a little exuberant and so would benefit from summer pruning.
Brother Cadfael Climbing - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Brother Cadfael Climbing
Very large, sumptuous blooms of rich pink with a particularly strong Old Rose fragrance. Strong upright growth that can easily be trained sideways once the stems are mature. Height 8ft.
Carefree Beauty - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Carefree Beauty
An extremely free-flowering shrub rose with rich, rose-pink flowers. The individual blooms are four to five inches across, semi-double and have a good fragrance. The leaves are very disease resistant, making it an excellent variety for a hedge or for growing in the wilder parts of the garden. It is very hardy and does best in the cooler climates. It also grows into a wonderful climber. Orange-red hips are produced in the winter. 5 ft. X 4 ft.
Celsiana - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Celsiana
Small clusters of large, open, semi-double flowers of a lovely soft pink colouring, with golden stamens. A graceful shrub with grey-green foliage. Very beautiful and excellent in every way. 6 ft. X 5 ft.
Châpeau de Napoléon - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Châpeau de Napoléon
Possibly a sport from Centifolia. Easily mistaken for a Moss Rose, as the wings of the calyx have become greatly enlarged to envelop the bud in greenery in the most attractive manner. Pure pink, slightly drooping flowers.
Constance Spry - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Constance Spry
One of our most beautiful Shrub Roses. Its magnificent clear pink blooms are of true old fashioned type and exceptionally large, with a luminous delicacy that is hard to compare with any other rose. It forms a lax-growing shrub of some 6 to 7 feet tall and as much across. Although often used as a shrub, it makes one of the most glorious of all climbers; as anyone who has seen it at Mottisfont Abbey, will agree. It has a strong myrrh fragrance; in fact, it was this rose that introduced the myrrh fragrance to the breeding of the English Roses. 12 ft -15 ft. or more.
Cordelia  - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Cordelia
This is one of a group of English Roses that is closely related to the old Alba Roses, all of which have a pleasing delicacy and elegance. It bears charming, semi-double silky-petalled flowers, of a delightful shade of the purest rose pink, that pales slightly with age. These are borne in large sprays - each bloom paling individually, to provide a pleasing, mixed effect. 3.5 ft x 3 ft.
Corvedale - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Corvedale
This rose forms a fine, well rounded shrub that is almost as broad as it is tall. It is therefore an ideal rose for a mixed border or as a specimen - perhaps in the more informal parts of the garden. Its flowers are of a clear rose pink and of a distinct, open cupped shape - displaying their prominent stamens to excellent effect. It has the strong, pleasant myrrh fragrance that is almost unique to English Roses. A good, trouble-free garden shrub. Corvedale is a most beautiful valley runing parallel to Wenlock Edge in the depths of the Shropshire countryside. 5 ft. x 4 ft.
Cottage Rose - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Cottage Rose
If you are looking for a really good garden rose of truly Old Rose character, that will flower continually throughout the summer, it would be hard to better this one. It produces charming, medium sized, rather cupped blooms in a lovely warm pink. No sooner has one crop gone, than numerous little branches are to be found all over the plant. There is a delicate Old Rose fragrance with a suggestion of almond and lilac, which is surprisingly diffusive in a warm room. 4 ft. x 3 ft.
Eglantyne - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Eglantyne
We regard this as one of the most beautiful of the English Roses. The flowers are quite large and of exquisite formation - the petals turning up at the edges to form a shallow saucer filled with small petals. The growth is ideal, being of medium height and bushy, with nice foliage and little disease, making it in every way an excellent garden plant. It is sweetly fragrant - a charming and delicate Old Rose scent. Named after Eglantyne Jebb, the Shropshire woman who founded the ‘Save the Children’ charity fund. Will benefit from summer pruning. 4.5 ft. x 3 ft. or 6-8 ft. as a climber.
Empress Joséphine - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Empress Joséphine
Large, clear, rose-pink and veined with deep pink, loosely double, wavy petals. A most beautiful rose, one of the finest in this class. Probably a hybrid of R. cinnamomea. Not much scent for a Gallica, but the flowers are followed by hips. Good, bushy growth.
Enchantment - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Enchantment
A shapely and large head with a high centred bud, pale pink in colour that gradually become a clear candy pink as it opens, this rose is complemented by straight strong stems and few thorns that are towards the base of the stem, to complete the package this variety has large attractive deep green foliage.
Falling in Love - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Falling in Love
This has large, classically shaped flowers of warm pink and porcelain white. The blooms last a long time and are so good for cutting and bringing in the house. In the garden they are borne on a sturdy bushy plant. It has a delicious rose and fruit fragrance. 4ft (Wekmoomar Carruth 2008
Fantin-Latour - Rose Varieties | VARDI |  ვარდი                                                                                                                Fantin-Latour
A charming rose with beautifully formed, full-petalled flowers, cupped at first, later reflexing at the edges; blush-pink deepening to shell-pink at the centre. A shapely shrub. Delicate scent. Worthy of its famous name. 6 ft. x 5 ft.
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