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Salem - Peach Varieties list a - z  Salem

Description Salem is a complete tree sport of Loring ripening about two weeks ahead of Loring. This variety has excellent color, firmness and size. Trees do not set heavy crops and require less thinning than other varieties.

Sentry - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sentry

Description An introduction from the plant breeding program at USDA, Beltsville. Sentry is firm, highly colored, semi-freestone with excellent size for an early maturing variety. The tree is vigorous and resistant to bacterial leaf spot. This has become an important early season variety. Not recommended in areas where winter fruit bud injury is common.

Starfire - Peach Varieties list a - z  Starfire

Description A promising new variety from the Stellar® Series, ripening in the Redhaven season. Fruit is brilliant red, very firm with excellent quality. The tree is winter hardy, productive and resistant to bacterial spot.

Suncrest - Peach Varieties list a - z  Suncrest

Description A large peach that is firm and holds well during shipping. The fruit is uniform and highly colored with excellent quality. Trees are susceptible to bacterial spot and should not be planted where this is a problem.

Sunhigh - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sunhigh

Description Introduced by the New Jersey Ag. Experiment Station, Sunhigh has been an important commercial variety for many years. The fruit is large, freestone, of exceptional quality and considered one of the best varieties for canning or freezing.

Sweet Breeze - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sweet Breeze

Description Sweet Breeze is a limb sport of Belaire discovered by Everett Weiser of York Springs, PA. The fruit is large with 50% red color over a golden yellow background, exhibiting very little pubescence.

Sweet Dream - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sweet Dream

Description Ripening just after Cresthaven, Sweet Dream is one of the most exciting sub-acid yellow fleshed peach varieties. The fruit is very large, highly colored and very firm. The tree is vigorous and productive, however is susceptible to bacterial spot.

Sweet Scarlet - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sweet Scarlet

Description The first of the sub-acid yellow fleshed peach selections evaluated under eastern conditions, Sweet Scarlet has performed very well in Pennsylvania. The fruit is very attractive, firm, with excellent flavor. The tree is vigorous and productive, however is susceptible to bacterial spot.

Snowbrite - Peach Varieties list a - z  Snowbrite

Description Initial evaluations of Snowbrite suggest that this is another of the sub-acid white selections worthy of trial in eastern districts. The fruit is very firm, medium in size and has excellent flavor. Ripening about eight days before White Lady, this variety fills an important gap in the ripening sequence.

Spring Snow - Peach Varieties list a - z  Spring Snow

Description This very early white peach is a good choice to start the season. The fruit is medium in size, highly colored and quite firm. As with most early season varieties, the crop should be thinned very early after fruit set to achieve adequate size. The tree of Spring Snow is quite vigorous, however it may be susceptible to cold winter temperatures and is not recommended for colder climates.

Sugar Giant - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sugar Giant

Description One of the largest fruited varieties of the sub-acid white fleshed selections introduced by Zaiger Genetics, Modesto, California. Sugar Giant ripens about five days after Loring and has exceptional color and firmness. The trees are vigorous and very productive, showing good resistance to bacterial spot.

Sugar May - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sugar May

Description This is one of the best early season varieties we have tested. Sugar May is medium in size, highly colored and firm producing excellent quality freestone peaches. We encourage early fruit thinning to achieve maximum fruit size.

SummerFest - Peach Varieties list a - z  SummerFest

Description SummerFest, the newest upright selection from the stone fruit breeding program at USDA-ARS station in Kearneysville, WV, colors to a dark red over an attractive yellow background.

Sweet-N-Up - Peach Varieties list a - z  Sweet-N-Up

Description A mid-season peach ripening just after Loring. The fruit is large, firm and highly colored. This upright tree produces heavy crops of high quality fruit.

Saturn - Peach Varieties list a - z  Saturn

Description Maturing just after Redhaven, the fruit is white-fleshed and very tender with a high sugar content. The tree is vigorous, productive and requires heavy thinning.

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