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Rocky Mountain Horse Information

Rocky Mountain Horse - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Rocky Mountain Horse 1 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Rocky Mountain Horse 2 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Rocky Mountain Horse 3 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Rocky Mountain Horse Qualities

The Rocky Mountain Horse is exactly what its name entails. They are strong and have the inner and physical strength to easily climb many rough terrains and up and down mountains for miles, some even in horrible weather conditions. They can be found in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Virginia. They have so many uses it is a challenge to name them all. Most described as being heavily placed on farms for their plowing qualities, they can also perform cattle duties and as a form of transportation for mailmen. Additionally, they can be employed as race horses, for riding, in local shows, and in national competitions.

Rocky Mountain Horse Temperament

The temperament of the Rocky Mountain Horse is that of total and utter kindness. This animal is sweet and loving and very loyal to their owners and families. They are wise and can think independently on their own most of the day. Being so commonly used on farm lands, they can definitely be known for getting along well with other animals sharing a common space.

Rocky Mountain Horse Appearance

The Rocky Mountain Horse is one that stands at around fifteen hands when at full grown adult size. They bode a beautiful look to them with features such as sloping shoulders, neat ears, strong quarters, and thin-but-powerful legs. Their eyes have an uncommon look when compared to other horse breeds. They are nn elegant looking creature with lots of definition all over their bodies.

Rocky Mountain Horse Upkeep

Tending to your Rocky Mountain Horse is fairly simple. Firstly, they can easily transition from cold to warm temperatures, which is a substantial advantage for those who do enjoy taking their horses to climb mountains and move from one end of the state to the other on a regular basis.

Rocky Mountain Horse History

The Rocky Mountain Horse comes from the state of Kentucky. It is a very common American breed that has developed itself since the eighteen hundreds. Tucked away in the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountain animals famously had a brown shaded coat with lots of shine to their frames, making them simple to recognize. They were used for their many uses as a very stable-yet-surefooted horse. They also have a unique four feet gait and a long and bushy tail to go along with it. Many farmers found great joy in owning one or two Rocky Mountain Horses so that they could easily utilize their strength for pulling plows and helping on the farm. One gentleman in particular, Sam Tuttle, is noted for his Old Tobe, which was a stallion that went on to become quite the champion for the southwest. Once the word got out that they could be used for climbing the mountain sides with ease and as farm hands, their popularity rapidly increased. They are currently still a popular breed all over the United States.

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