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Exmoor Information

Exmoor - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Exmoor 1 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Exmoor 2 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Exmoor 3 - horse Breeds | ცხენის ჯიშები| cxenis jishebi

Exmoor Qualities

The Exmoor horse is an English breed that has many practical uses. Described as hardy, tough, and rather pleasant animals, they can be used for riding, in competitions, and also in races. You can find them grazing in Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, the United Kingdom, and especially in the Exeter region. The Exmoor is known as a pony with a lot of courage and one that can be used for working. This style is well known in Britain and is even noted as one of the native breeds of the area.

Exmoor Temperament

Exmoors are very sweet and agile creatures. They are a very friendly style of horse that can work all day long and still present themselves as tender and kind. Many enjoy this breed because they are such an excellent animal to use for working, making them a high commodity.

Exmoor Appearance

The Exmoor breed stands at around twelve hands in size and is bred in brown shades. They have a smaller head considering their size and also have tough ribs. They are short creatures with strong feet. Compact and sturdy for their many useful purposes, they are neat and possess a unique muzzle.

Exmoor Upkeep

Caring for an Exmoor horse is a very simple task. This is one type of animal that requires very little of their caretakers. Exmoors can reside in any climate range as they have extra fur to adjust for this exact reason. Their size makes them an easy style to have around that does not need a lot of roaming room. They do not have any reported illnesses and do well in virtually any location and on any terrain.

Exmoor History

The Exmoor horse breed has developed in southwest England. They were raised in very tiring climates with an attitude that can adapt to literally any condition. There they did not have areas to keep warm or cool off such as shelters locally, and there were times when the climate would reach drastic lows as well. They are a rare breed that has several unique features to contrast the weather conditions, such as what is called a "toad eye" as their eyelids have the ability to close when it is very windy or even too cold for the horse. Another is the ice tail, which is when the hair is course and allows for the snow or rain to run off the animal much easier. They even bode a coat that can double in size so that it keeps the animal even warmer in the frigid temperatures. They are strong and durable, and can have an adult ride with ease for long durations of time. They can also jump exceptionally well and are quick learners, too.

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