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Exotic Information

Exotic - cat Breeds | კატის ჯიშები | katis jishebi

Exotic 1 - cat Breeds | კატის ჯიშები | katis jishebi

Exotic 2 - cat Breeds | კატის ჯიშები | katis jishebi

Exotic 3 - cat Breeds | კატის ჯიშები | katis jishebi

Exotic Description

The Exotic is called to be a harmonious example of balance and refinement. The huge head should be balanced squarely on a thick neck. The skull of the Exotic should be smooth with snub nose and chin vertically aligned and a muzzle that smoothes evenly into full cheeks. The breed should have a stocky and steady body type which lays low on the legs and has a well-rounded midsection and level back. The midsection should be muscular. Legs should be short, thick, and strong with large, round and firm paws. Toes should be carried closed. The tail, like the in the Persian, should be short but proportional and carried without a curve. There are 88 colors of Exotics, most stemming from the wide variety of Persian colors and patterns. There are no color classifications for the breed; the main difference between Persian coats and Exotic coats is the length. The coat of the Exotic should be dense, plush, and soft, accentuating the rounded shape of the cat and giving it a teddy-bear like appearance. The eye color of the cat should match the coat type, for example a breed standard white Exotic should have deep blue or copper eyes; in the case of an odd-eyed cat, the deepness of color must match in both eyes.

Exotic Temperament

Considered the 'lazy man's' Persian, the Exotic offers the beautiful face and colors of the Persian without the necessary and excessive amounts of grooming. Though it is a hybrid of the American or Domestic Shorthair and the Persian, the Exotic maintains a good number of Persian qualities. The exotic is a quiet cat, rarely vocal. They are easy going and love attention, begging not with their voices but with an intense stare. They love to be kissed and cuddled, more a 'baby' than a 'buddy'. Exotics will sit in your lap, on your shoulder and even hug you when hugged. They are known to sleep with their owners unless preferring a cooler location than the bed. Perhaps because of the breeding with shorthairs, Exotics love to play, and will ponder how to retrieve a toy that has been put away out of reach. They love the simple pleasures in life and will spend hours watching water drip from a faucet or playing with a paper ball. Best kept indoors, the Exotic excellent at adapting to a changing environment and can be introduced to a new home at any age. It is a sweet and loving cat and easily deserves to be called the "best of both worlds".

Exotic Care

All in all, the Exotic is a lovely cat, allowing those with busy lives to have the beauty of a Persian in a cat that doesn't require the necessary amounts of grooming.

Exotic History

The breed is relatively new and had its start as an illegal attempt by breeders of American or Domestic shorthairs to breed in the silver and blue colors found in Persians to create a more beautiful short hair. Rather than allow what had become a beautiful hybrid to perish in obscurity, CFA Judge Jane Martinke fought for a new breed to be added to the registries and the Exotic was born. The breed quickly achieved championship status in 1967, though some breeders still sought to breed outside the American Shorthair- Persian combination. Any other pedigree is now disallowed, all exotics must be the product of Persian- American Shorthair heritage.

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