Addax. African antelope second name - Mendes, refers to a mammal family bovids occurs in sandy and rocky deserts of Sudan, Nigeria, Mali and Libya.The only animal genus Addax, spiraling horns and reach a length of more than a meter. The coat is short and smooth, the color that changes from white animal in the summer, a gray- brown in winter. On the neck of the longest hair and dark, and on the forehead white X -shaped spot. Wide hooves that over the lifetime may become even wider, helping to move around on the sand without sinking.

Territory habitat is not confined to a specific territory, throughout life, animals roam the desert in search of water and plants. Basically, the animals are active between dusk and at dawn, when the temperature in the desert are the lowest, in the afternoon, they dig pits front legs, which are and will be held until a strong wind and not go beyond the horizon of the scorching sun. Addax are able to raise the body temperature to ambient temperature, therefore tolerate a hot desert climate.

Addax eats grasses and low shrubs, costing virtually no water to give the necessary moisture from plants.

The animal is listed as endangered.

Description of the animal
Lat Addax nasomaculatus
class - Mammals
Height - up to 115 cm
Length - Up to 170 cm
Weighing - up to 125 kg
Lifetime - up to 25 years
dwelling Africa

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Addax Porcupine