Animals of Africa

Animals of Africa. Wildlife in Africa is extremely rich and diverse. Major role in the fauna of Africa play animals that inhabit savannas - open space. Here Animals of Africa developed in a periodic wetting and high year-round temperatures. Savannah woodlands with occupy almost 40 % of the continent. In savannas dominated African animals such as large ungulates (giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, rhinos, gazelles, elephants) and predatory (lions, cheetahs, hyenas, jackals). Very raspostraneny monkeys (baboons). Of birds - fanciscanus, ostriches, crowned cranes, marabou, secretary bird, vultures.

Vast areas of the African continent and also occupy desert with numerous semi-deserts. Strongly different desert north and south. Animals of Africa, living in the northern desert, similar to the animals that inhabit the deserts of Asia - gerbil, jerboa, jackals, foxes, Fenech, hyenas, and a large number of snakes (ffs, viper, cobra), lizards, invertebrates. Desert south characterized by a large number of endemic species, a huge variety of different kinds of turtles.

Humid equatorial evergreen forests cover the equatorial zone and coastal zones subequatorial. Animals of Africa are represented here mostly on invertebrates, frogs, snakes (pythons, mambas), in the rivers - crocodiles: than representatives of the ground layer (ungulates - pygmy hippopotamus,okapi,) in crowns - many birds (hornbills,Turaco,sunbirds), monkey (Colobus, monkeys, chimpanzees).

The reserves of tropical Africa, which annually attract many tourists, there are such famous African animals like elephants, rhinos, hippos, zebras, antelopes, etc. Their predators - raspostraneny cheetahs, lions, leopards and other large carnivores. Numerous rodents, monkeys, small predators. There are also plenty of birds - ostriches, ibises, flamingos.

The largest land-based predators of Africa is a lion. Powerful body of a lion, but at the same time and slender, sometimes sinewy. The head is very massive, with a long snout. Paws relatively low, however, are very strong. The tail is long, having a brush on the end. Developed male inherent long mane covering the neck, chest and shoulders, while, as in the rest of the body of a lion hair is short, brownish -yellow.

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